7 Quick Ways To Optimize Your Work Day


I have been madly busy all day. Looking back on today I have not been very good with my time. Distractions have been getting in the way and there was plenty of things I could have done to streamline my day.

So I thought it would be great to finish the day with some simple tips that I usually find help to optimize my time and help me get the best out of my time online.

1. Close All Instant Messengers

Google Chrome (Que Estréia em...)
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If you are limited to time then it’s important that you read all your email and make sure you are able to et to all the duties and tasks you have ahead of you. So make your self invisible on gmail, don’t load up msn and just resist talking about how much beer you drank on the weekend with an online buddy!

2. Write a list the night before

If you can write a list before shutting down of an evening and then go over it before even turning on your computer your mind will be going in the right direction. I like writing my lists down on paper as it allows me o easily make notes and change things around.

3. Save non work related web pages for the weekend

Store all the cool and funny non work related emails in a text page when you see or receive them. 101 pictures of break dancing cats may seem like something you just have to look at but really….. it can wait!!

4. Ask for clearer instructions

I often start jobs or tasks on wishy washy instructions. You spend a whole bunch of time getting the initial task done only for your boss or the client to tell you that wasn’t what they meant. If an email or memo isn’t clear… ask for clarification…. this is a tip I NEED to act on myself.

5. Take frequent breaks

I find if I get stressed I start making mistakes. Make sure you take your screen breaks. You may feel like you are working less time but chances are you will get more work done.

6. Get around procrastination by doing boring jobs first

Plan your day so you do all the boring jobs in the morning. If you can plug yourself into your iPod and just work away then do that. Get the jobs done before procrastination starts.

7. Save drinks for after work

rickard's white
Creative Commons License photo credit: radiobread

If you are busy, resist all urges to slip off for a lunch time drink. You will regret it the next day when you realize that you have double the amount of work as usual and anything you did do is riddled with mistake.

I hope these tips have been helpful.


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