10 alternatives to the F word


I’m sure most of you say F**K at least once a day…. but let’s face it, it’s not pleasant and definitely not nice to use around kids.

So, to try and help you out here are 10 much more polite and child friendly replacements for the F word.

DragonCon 2008 314
Creative Commons License photo credit: Foenix

  1. Fudge (Get the fudge out of here!
  2. Pete (For Pete’s Sake!)
  3. Frickin (Frickin hell)
  4. Balderdash (Oh Balderdash!)
  5. Feck (Feck!)
  6. F (He was screaming F’ing bloody murder)
  7. Farmer (You Melon Farmer!…. Melon replacing Mother)
  8. Donald Duck (I don’t give a Donald Duck).
  9. Puck (Make like a hockey player and get the puck outta here!)
  10. Fiddlesticks (Oh Fiddlesticks!)

Let us know if you have any others


  1. Thank you for these suggestions. The ‘F’ word is so vulgar and way overused. Using it as an emphatic expression in every sentence really reveals a certain level of ignorance.

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