Alternatives to a Puppy for Christmas

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As Christmas draws near, thousands of of little children will be begging their parents for a pet puppy. Dogs are fantastic pets and I hope to have one soon but… there are a whole wealth of interesting and crazy pets that you could get for your children this year.

Here are some alternate pets to think about.

1. The Australian Bearded Dragon

Hailing originally from Australia but now the most captive bread pet Lizard. As Lizards go they are relatively easy to care for and can be very quirky and quite loving. My Lizard used to run around the living room quite happily and would even come and sit on my shoulder to watch TV with me!

Drake and Jiggs
Creative Commons License photo credit: kevin_cease

More information on Bearded Dragons can be found on The Lizard Lounge

2. Ferrets

These long rodents are a pure joy. They are extremely inquisitive and mischievous but the most fun. I would advise getting two as they like each others company. Also they get a little stinky to make sure you have a place for their cage away from the kitchen and living area.

Creative Commons License photo credit: vdowa

3. A Pot Bellied Pig

Pigs are one of the most intelligent animals that you can find. A pot bellied pig will easily give you as much love as a dog and will probably learn more tricks if taught correctly. These animals are a pure joy to be around.

Creative Commons License photo credit: danrandom

4. Lovebirds

These little tiny birds live in pairs most of the time. Sadly if they lose their partners they often pass away too but their devotion can often be towards their owners too. If you get the birds young and handle them often they will be devoted to you forever.

Creative Commons License photo credit: pikopita

Let us know if you have any interesting pets….

Avoid Getting Fired At The Office Party

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Alcohol and crazy office antics are very normal at a Christmas party. So are embarrassment and people getting fired the day after! Take this advice and avoid getting fired or dealing with loathing stares this year!

  1. Watch your alcohol intake and don’t mix drinks, staying alert is essential to surviving the office party.
  2. Don’t talk to any managerial staff. A little alcohol makes the lips slippery and you may say the wrong thing.
  3. Even if Angela or Ted from Human Resources looks super hot… don’t slip away and have a light of drunken lust.
  4. Leave early to avoid getting involved in any fights or office drama
  5. Make sure that any clients you see are given full courtesy. I know that one of my old companies lost clients that came to an Xmas party and were disgusted with the staffs behavior! Don’t let that be your fault!
  6. Don’t be too late the next day. Dealing with a hangover the next day is acceptable, not comin in or being really late is not!
  7. Don’t come in a tracksuit. Dress smart and sharp, even if it isn’t your normal attire. You will blend in and go unnoticed.

The key is to stay covert, enjoy a few drinks, have some good times with your co worker friends and get to work feeling ok the next day. Do all this and you should be safe!

The Top 5 Best Candy Bars Ever!

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This could well be the hardest post I have ever written. The idea of actually deciding which candy bar rates number 1 was a long hard decision for me!

Please let me know what your favorite is.

5. Kit Kat

Kit Kats on Rice
Creative Commons License photo credit: IwateBuddy

Four fingers of wavers covered in an awesome layer of chocolate. Only at number 5 because I miss the old foil packaging! Recent additions to the range have included the awesome Chunky Kit Kat, white chocolate and a range of luxury flavors.

4. Dairy Milk

Cadbury Dairy Milk
Creative Commons License photo credit: sudeep1106

Nothing beats Dairy Milk for simplicity. A whole bar of chunky Cadbury’s chocolate. The Belgium’s tried to stop Cadbury’s calling their product chocolate once (I don’t have a source to prove this)…. However I don’t care what it is called, I love it!

3. Toffee Crisp

Creative Commons License photo credit: Lord Manley

I have not had one of these for a while but the taste still lives with me. The bar is filled with Toffee and Rice Crispy like bits. One bite and you are hooked.

2. Twix

I Love Twix
Creative Commons License photo credit: Touzeen Hussain

Two fingers of chocolate / biscuit awesomeness. I really love the Twix Ice Cream too! Again another bar with a few variaties such as white and dark. I have fond memories of getting sick from eating too many party sized Twiz bars as a child!

1. Skor Bar / Dime Bar

I’m originally from the UK so when I came to North America it never crossed my mind that the candy bars would be different! For a start I call them chocolate bars by nature. So when I went shopping for a firm favorite….. Dime Bar and no one had heard of it I was shocked. Especially as I had always assumed the bar was American, due to it’s name.

I was heart broken…. But one lonely night on a late night binge I decided to try a new candy bar called a Skor….. To my delight it was identical to my Beloved Dime Bar. I felt like I had been reunited with a long lost friend.

Skor Bar conatins a thin layer or crunchy toffee that has been dipped in fantastic Hershey chocolate. It’s bite produces a perfect crunch and then you have fun getting the toffee out of your teeth.

A hard choice but a good strong winner :)

Skor bar


So…. Am I right? Please let us know.

7 Home Made Suicide Videos (Fake)

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It’s remarkably easy to blow your head off using some software and a creative mind. Here are some examples of what can be done using some video editing programs like adobe after effects and premier pro..

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5 Indicators That It’s Time To Hibernate

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We all hate the winter so why not join many of our mammal cousins and go to sleep in a dark hole until it warms up…

Creative Commons License photo credit: LunaDiRimmel

As we don’t have the instinct or knowledge to know when we should go to sleep here is a list of signs to look out for to know that the time has come:

1. The Squirrels are frantic

Creative Commons License photo credit: mandj98

When the squirrels are getting ready for the big sleep they literally go nuts…. frantically running and burrying and hiding from us big giants. They need to get all theri nuts burried before they go for the winter

2. You are getting fat

Pictures 576
Creative Commons License photo credit: themissiah

A summer of BBQ’s and Beer could be put down to you just having a good time. But it’s a great indicator that your body is getting itself ready for a winter of very little food. If you can’t see your privates, it’s probably the right time.

3. There is no more green

Creative Commons License photo credit: donbuciak

I don’t mean you have run out of cash…. although that may be a good time to sleep. I mean that the trees are all hues of brown and they green leaves are no where to be seen.

4. It’s dark when you get to the pub

Creative Commons License photo credit: Vox Efx

It’s just not fair that you finish work, run home and take a shower. Then rush to the pub to meet some friends and it’s pitch black!! We should not have to be awake through such dark days.

5. Walmart is selling Christmas Products

Too early for Xmas
Creative Commons License photo credit: bluebus

There is nothing more depressing than seeing the tack that Walmart start filling their shelfs with early in the Autumn… take the hint and prepare for sleep

6. You are getting Halloween Party Invites

Creative Commons License photo credit: sparr0

Halloween can be great fun but imagine how much better it would be to just wake up when all the wet and cold is over. The day that first invite is pushed your way is the day you know you can safely get down to hibernating.

Let us know if you can think of any other indicators!

10 Male Bathroom Rules – Proper Etiquette

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If you’re a guy, you already know the unwritten rules of proper etiquette while in a public restroom. I mean, I don’t even need to explain it; it should be in your blood. But just incase you forget or if you’re a female and you’ve never known about this, here is a list of male bathroom rules – the proper etiquette.

1. Do not speak to anyone you don’t know, matter of fact, avoid talking in general! The bathroom isn’t a place to chit chat, it’s a place to handle your business, wash your hands and get out. Stay mute when you’re in the bathroom and the second you get out, then you can talk once again.

2. Avoid making eye contact. There’s no point in looking directly into people’s eyes in the bathroom. That sends out the wrong vibe and could possibly get you punched. Matter of fact, try not to look at anyone in general (no body parts, no eye contact, just don’t look).

3. Always have an empty urinal between you and the next closest guy. If there are 5 urinals, you never, NEVER go to the adjacent one, you skip one. For instance, you go to urinal 1, skip 2, go to urinal 3, skip 4, and go to urinal 5. If 1, 3 and 5 are taken, you then proceed to the nearest open stall. And if those are taken, you come back.

4. When using the urinal, keep your eyes forward or focused on your own business. There is no reason or excuse for trying to look at someone else or someone else’s business. That’s usually an open invitation of getting punched.

5. Flush your business! How many times do we walk into a stall and see someone else’s masterpiece just sitting there? Nope, we don’t flush it either. We simply both to the next available stall.

6. Do not stay in front of the mirror for too long. Unless you have something in your teeth you do not need to stay looking at yourself. You’re not putting on makeup and you do not want to stay in the bathroom longer than needed.

7. Avoid taking a number two. Unless you just ate a bowl of chili from Taco Bell, there is no reason you can’t wait until you get home.

8. Keep unnecessary noises to a minimum. If you use the bathroom, there is no reason at all why you need to make groaning, grunting, sighing, etc noises. Seriously, that’s just disturbing.

9. Wash your hands! I don’t care if you just do a quick rise but if you just peed, you probably leaked on yourself. And if you took a number two, well, that’s just gross.

10. Absolutely no touching! No patting, no handshakes, no rubbing, no touching! Only time you need to touch someone is if they break any of these rules and you need to give them a good slap in the face.

Well, those are the male bathroom etiquettes. Hey, I didn’t make them up, it’s an unwritten rule! And I also included a funny male bathroom rules Youtube video for those you guys (or girls) that need a visual.

7 Quick Ways To Optimize Your Work Day

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I have been madly busy all day. Looking back on today I have not been very good with my time. Distractions have been getting in the way and there was plenty of things I could have done to streamline my day.

So I thought it would be great to finish the day with some simple tips that I usually find help to optimize my time and help me get the best out of my time online.

1. Close All Instant Messengers

Google Chrome (Que Estréia em...)
Creative Commons License photo credit: FoXMuLD3R

If you are limited to time then it’s important that you read all your email and make sure you are able to et to all the duties and tasks you have ahead of you. So make your self invisible on gmail, don’t load up msn and just resist talking about how much beer you drank on the weekend with an online buddy!

2. Write a list the night before

If you can write a list before shutting down of an evening and then go over it before even turning on your computer your mind will be going in the right direction. I like writing my lists down on paper as it allows me o easily make notes and change things around.

3. Save non work related web pages for the weekend

Store all the cool and funny non work related emails in a text page when you see or receive them. 101 pictures of break dancing cats may seem like something you just have to look at but really….. it can wait!!

4. Ask for clearer instructions

I often start jobs or tasks on wishy washy instructions. You spend a whole bunch of time getting the initial task done only for your boss or the client to tell you that wasn’t what they meant. If an email or memo isn’t clear… ask for clarification…. this is a tip I NEED to act on myself.

5. Take frequent breaks

I find if I get stressed I start making mistakes. Make sure you take your screen breaks. You may feel like you are working less time but chances are you will get more work done.

6. Get around procrastination by doing boring jobs first

Plan your day so you do all the boring jobs in the morning. If you can plug yourself into your iPod and just work away then do that. Get the jobs done before procrastination starts.

7. Save drinks for after work

rickard's white
Creative Commons License photo credit: radiobread

If you are busy, resist all urges to slip off for a lunch time drink. You will regret it the next day when you realize that you have double the amount of work as usual and anything you did do is riddled with mistake.

I hope these tips have been helpful.

The Hottest Make Money Online Blogs – Part 1

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I’m pretty sure that all of you must have read quite a few Make Money Online blogs but the sad reality is that most of them FAIL at helping you to make money. Several bloggers don’t have a clue as to how to make even a nickel online whereas some bloggers know-it-all but insist on fluffing up their blogs.

However, there do exist some blogs which are genuinely useful and the guys behind it are genuinely great people.

This is the first part of a series which is destined to continue for times immemorial. Just kiddin’, but anyway, it will extend to at least a couple more parts as there are loads of bloggers who deserve coverage.

Net Strife

Lucas, the blogger at Net Strife, is a great guy and has some super-quality posts over at his blog. The design is beautiful yet simple and the content tops the design.

Lucas blogs from the perspective of a dude who’s experimenting with making money online and constantly tracking and reviewing his progress. Some of the posts simply blow you away due to the value that’s exhibited in them.

Here are the posts you MUST read:

Tyler Cruz

Now, I’m sure every one of us has heard about Tyler Cruz at some point or the other. This poker superstar has an insanely cool name with an insanely cool blog to go along with it :) .

The design is sleek, the ads are plenty and yet, they don’t clutter up the entire look. Tyler is one of the blogging superstars I actually respect as he comes across as humble and always willing to learn.

He’s had a number of friendly competitions with arch-nemesis Gyutae Park and these are always fun to follow. You should definitely checkout the Affiliate Marketing Challenge that’s going on.

Apart from all that, Market Leverage simply loves this guy and generously sponsors high-ticket prizes for his competitions.

Suite J

SuiteJ is a relatively new blog compared to the others but judging by the awesome posts, Jay will have his hands-full with blog expos and conferences in a year or two.

Seriously, the big-head (Jay’s affectionate nickname) is amazing at churning out high quality content. He writes on a variety of topics spanning from design to website flipping.

Recently, Jay recorded his first video post and you should definitely go check it out. What’s more, he’s even giving away a FREE eCover design (no strings attached!)

So folks, that sums up this part of this series. Stay tuned for more :)

Obese Cats

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These guys are just chillin’ out, watching TV after a hard day’s work at the office.

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3 Sports You Won’t See At The Olympics

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Urinal Surfing

Only the manliest of man would be brave enough to surf the mighty waves of piss in a urinal. This guy is either drunk, getting paid a small fortune or there’s someone pointing a gun at his head off camera.

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