5 Reasons Google Chrome Sucks


So now that Google Chrome has filtered down to us mere peasants, it’s time to highlight it’s weaknesses and compare it to the best – Firefox. So here are 5 reasons why Chrome sucks and why we won’t be using it until they get these things sorted….

1. No Add Ons

One reason why i won’t be touching Google Chrome is the fact i have no email add-ons to alert me instantly when i get email. We also have no pagerank / stats on hand plus none of those cool firefox add ons like ‘firebug’ that we’ve gotten so used to. Boooohh!

2. No Multiple Search Engines

I know Chrome is made by Google, but what’s with the Google-only search feature? It’s hassle to change the default search engine in Chrome and i can’t search youtube or flickr or wikipedia with a simple drop down change of engine like i can with Firefox.


3. More Typing For Me

When in Firefox, all i have to do is type youtube in to the address bar and Firefox automatically knows i want to go to youtube.com. In Chrome i have to add youtube.com (4 extra characters) to get to youtube.

Green Means Go...

4. No Home Button!

Where’s the home button in Google Chrome? There is none. I have to open a new tab to get my homepage up. WTF Google! Bring back the home button!

5. It’s Not Firefox

Is it just me or do i not recall Google paying people to promote Firefox? All of a sudden the big G turns around and stabs Firefox in the back by releasing it’s own browser. What’s all that about?


  1. First of all, you have to go to the wrench on the top left and click on options, then go to basics and Home Page and click “Show home button”. By the way, IT’S BETA DUMBASS

  2. dude , just add youtube as a bookmark and then all u have to do is click it once. THAT means you dont have to type one letter. all u have to do is click

  3. Look all the points you say are valid, but we all know the big G so you never know what it will be after it does away with the beta version, browsing is really faster than any other browser, all we can do it to wait for the full release. Hoping for the best!!!

  4. Are you fucking retarded? No, seriously. Are you?

    Add ons suck, a normal browser got everything it needs without downloading and adding crap to it (like ff).

    Get some solid facts first, there are more search engines then google built in the browser. You can pick your own default search engine in the browser to what ever fits you.

    Do you type all your favorite websites? Really fucking dumb, it’s a complete waste of time since you can add bookmarks, hotkeys and icons instead of typing. Instead of evening typing “youtube” you can type “yo” and pick “youtube.com” in the alternative adress field.

    Home button, once again you can take the alternative and smart solution up here if you really think opening a new tab is that hard.

    It’s not Firefox?!?!?! THANK GOD!! I think I might be able to use Chrome now.

    Have a nice day FFfag.

  5. In my opinion, Chrome is just…. unnecessary. It’s just Google’s way of infiltrating another market… Remember when Microsoft tried to handle every market, and EU was like “lol, NO.” and forced them to ship WMP-less XPs? That’s almost Google now, sans the operating system. They use their massive manpower to churn out products in new markets, regardless of whether or not we need them. Everybody already has their preferred browser, so why try to add another choice that really brings nothing ‘revolutionary’ to the table except an ugly blue interface that has been dumbed down so much, it almost reminds me of those cheap $100 laptops for starving African kids. Any other ‘feature’ is just… a gimmick that only appeals to a niche group.

  6. Oh the irony of being so pissed off about having to type out something like “.com” that you write a whole rant on it.

  7. I love Chrome. It’s quick and fast, not eating memory so much. The other advantage over Firefox is one tab will not disturb another tab performance. So if you stuck on tab, you can easily move to another tab or abandon that tab (website). They are completely separate each other. Adds-on? It will come soon….but Adds-on will choke Chrome later like Firefox !!

  8. Heh, love all the replies to this especially the ones that are flat out taking the piss out of you 🙂 – I couldn’t agree more, Chrome is just starting out in Beta what more can you expect? You’re whining about how you need to add an extra .com to things, wow what a load of crap 😉

  9. Point #2 – It’s not a hassle to change the search engine. You click the wrench icon on the right hand side (next to the address bar), click the ‘Basics’ tab, then change your default search engine in the erm… ‘Default search’ section. And if you want to search within a specific site, then you just type in the address, press the ‘tab’ button and go ahead and search. It works with any website that has a search function, not just the obvious ones.

    Point #3 – In Google Chrome all I have to do is type ‘y’, the address for Youtube.com comes up and then I press enter. **one letter** Chrome tracks how often you visit a site and based on that, common addresses show up in the bar. (eg. typing ‘m’ gives my mininova.com, but typing ‘mo’ gives me my address to my blog).

    Point #5 – It’s business. And Google aren’t ‘stabbing’ FF in the back. They’re just offering a different browsing experience. There are pros and cons with both browsers.

    I’ve used Chrome for a few months now, but I’m now trying to get back into FF cos of its add-ons. But Chrome minus add-ons is still pretty cool, and no doubt I’ll switch between the two depending on my mood.

  10. Yes, Google sucks – big time – but for more reasons than you mention. How about its inability to handle rss, or its incorrect rendering of many Javascript applications? Firefox has made dramatic improvement over the last several months, partly because it now follows Microsoft’s rules when there’s a conflict between the latter and Mozilla. And this has long been a problem with the IE imitators. They’ve failed to understand (or admit) that the Windows Operating System was created by Microsoft, so it’s Microsoft and not Mozilla who has the final word. I like Firefox, but still prefer Internet Explorer because I don’t like having to be forced to add spyware such as Quicktim or crapware, in order to view certain multimedia content. When I click on multimedia content I don’t like being told that I have to download add-on software for the crippled Firefox.

  11. Omg god first i have to say i have my issue with Chrome but some of these reason are RETARDED. Adding a home easy, like someone else mention it tracks your webites frequency so less typing, also changing the default is easy, Lastly another said ” i can’t search youtube or flickr or wikipedia with a simple drop down change of engine like i can with Firefox.” On Chrome you don’t need a drop down because you can simply type the name of the address of the site you want to search then press tab. (for this too work you have to visit and search the site a least one time)

  12. Chris
    I love Chrome more now then ever and I love it more than I love my IT Dept. Because they are babies when it come to someone using a better system than FireFart.

  13. Google Chrome is unnecessary and actually freezes slow motion every once in a while while firefox is so ultra fast! also sometimes the tabs become loose from the other set when i didnt mean to click on it. its NOT worth the hassle. Even Safari is better than Chrome …chrome is a drone….:P

    dont use chrome unless you want to be bombarded by unnecessary things

  14. I don’t use a Chrome, Firefox or IE. They all suck and are so mainstream it’s embarrassing. I use Magazzle browser. You Neanderthals probably haven’t even heard of it because you are the gormless, all-too-willing obedient slaves of the main stream software pushers. Only computer / IT pros who, like me, are in the REAL know can get hold of the very fast, ultra-stable, inter-operable and very much underground Magazzle browser from the ‘closed art’ internet sites. I bet you haven’t even heard of the ‘closed art’ sites, oh dear!

    In 2 years perhaps the commercialised version will probably drip down to you. By this time us advanced ones will have moved on to something far, far more innovative, better and way ahead of the time.

    Weep you losers.

  15. Gregory – i wish i was like you
    i run IE5 on windows ME
    and feel like such a retard now
    if i used google chrome would i get a bit cooler do you think?

  16. The lack of autofill and pagerank, and some (small) browsing issues are my only problem with chrome. I use it instead of FF now. Mostly for the speed and the fact that the screen has less thats unnecessary. Plus NO pop-ups! not even that little thing (taking up more space till you close it) that says “firefox has just stopped a pop-up”

    BTW South Park fans … The gentleman (above) Gregory Peck on June 6th, 2009 12:03 am …is A.) The biggest douche in the universe. Or, B.) The Oaf the kids played against in the WOW episode.

  17. I was warned in googoo to switch to googoo chrome because regular googoo was going to not be supported anymore. I did so and am sofaking disappointed. Everything is extremely different kinda like going from Windows to Mac. WTF!!!!!
    are these guys so arrogant that they thing they will keep people instead of lose them like hot potatoes with all of these drastically inefficient and different choices. already looking for another browser and email to land on. will give the goog a week but do not ‘spect it to come around.

  18. Chrome sucks primarily because it doesn’t have addons.
    For Dan:If I’m not a programmer, why the heck would I need a tool like firebug, by default, in my browser, it will just eat up my ram for nothing, as I will NEVER use it, on the other hand, if I am a programmer, it would be just plain stupid not to have Firebug and GreaseMonkey installed. So what solution do you find? two entirely separate browsers for normal users and programmers. And the world isn’t divided in just 2 categories. What about music addicts(which love tools like foxytunes),or youtube-like video downloaders. Should they also have a special edition with all the tools they need preinstalled? And that’s not all, what should a music addict programmer choose?
    A browser without addons is good only for totally n00bs, who call microsoft for support about their broken PC coffe support(aka the optical drive). Untill now, Firefox is the only browser with enough addons. The only problem Firefox has are the memory leaks, so you have to close the browser and reopen it, after you open and close about 100 tabs. This is quite annoying, I like to keep my browser open all time.

  19. My beef w/ Chrome right now.
    #1: when you new tab, it shows screenshots of pages I’ve been (history). It can’t be turned off or disabled.

    #2: no static search bar. yes I know the address bar is a search, but get about 12 pages deep past your search then decide you want to do another search but just change the keywords or add “quotations” . You’re used to just going up to your static search bar and altering the words STILL DISPLAYED. Nope the only way to see what your initial search is to hit the ‘page back’ button a billion times.

    #3: Auto-suggest. When using the omni-bar, chrome can’t distinguish between if your typing in an url, or if are you typing in a search term. So its frantically auto-suggesting everything from browsing history.

  20. i tried chrome, didnt like it, the feel of the browser was like a toy and not a tool, i dont need my browser or any other program for that matter to be pretty, i need them to compatible with my other needs and work when i tell it to. i find chrome to be very lacking in ASP support, very lacking in proper java support, and VERY lacking in proper formatting and frame support. if your a web developer chrome bites the big one. firefox and safari all the way, for that matter i would use IE8 before chrome.

  21. Google is also violently OPPOSED to your privacy. They love to collect data about you to sell to any and every Joe on the street. Check out info on the “DoubleClick” company or any other of the Ad companies that Google has bought. They’re turning into a evil fucking Big Brother. Stick with Firefox, it has way more potential in the OpenSource community.

  22. fuck you all! Chrome sucks like your moms dick. Why change to something thats trying so hard to be like Firefox? Because you guys would jump in any google wagon just to get a piece of that google dick you dip shits. Get laid!

  23. I know that Firefox is better than Chrome, but, all points that you said in your post are useless.

    Firefox is better for other stuff, but not these useless stuffs that you said.

  24. Whatever. Only a moron would release a Beta product with as many holes in it as Chrome. Google is the new Microsoft. Microsoft is the new Boeing. And Boeing is the new US Steel. They all suck.

  25. hahaha dude you sux, CHROME is the best instead of addons they call it “EXTENSIONS” which they have a real different and useful varities of them.. its faster than firefox and its lighter..also it does have a big home icon rite next to the address bar….try it out for a couple days and tell me its not faster… i love firefox but man CHROME just got me hookd! LOL

  26. Google search engine rocks, gmail rocks, but crome? My god what a clunky browser!

    It is VERY memory intensive, requiring twice as many resources as firefox as soon as I open a couple of tabs, and where I used to go to the menu to delete my browsing history, now I have to open the history page up?!

    If I don’t want my missus to view my daily porn surf, why the hell do I want a whole list of full porn site names, full screen and then have it sit there while chrome thinks about deleting it?!!

    The firefox method is way better, a simple option box that then actually lets you choose how much you are removing, eg. just the browsin, or cookies and passwords as well.

  27. Google chrome sucks because it has no quickly accessible “undo” function. When you accidentally delete the carefully typed words/paragraph you’re typing on a webform because your thumb wanders off and touched an area on a touchpad you have no choice but to redo it and it annoyingly disrupt your trail of thought while your mind is now screaming: “no undo? fuck you google, fuck you google chrome!”

  28. Oh there are actually many more reasons why Chrome sucks. Just google it.

    WHy the hell does it need Java? It sometimes freezes my Internet to a point I have to reboot the entire computer. I had this problem before in Vista and got rid of chrome. Now on Win7 I gave Chrome a second chance, but it still freezes my Internet somehow. I’m done with this worthless pain in the ass browser forever now. I will just continue using FireFox because that browser never caused any problems for me.

    Don’t think Im just another noob, I actually know what Im doing and have been working as a full time C# programmer for the last 15 years.

  29. Why install it is just an OK browser… another more headache to figure out why it doesn’t do this or that thing. After way too much time spent on it trying to work problems out I ditched it for the time being. Main reasons amongst a ton of them?

    1) Quit with many windows and several session and multiple tabs opened, will not even check or ask if you are sure you want to quit. Installed extension to have a confirm quit functionality and was more a hit or miss so I end up loosing tons of browsing sessions including content that even session managers could not retrieve (like posts that I started to write in comments threads such as this one!

    2) The GD thing would not play several youtube videos WOW! And YT is owned by Google… no comment!

    3) Extensions slow down the browsing experiences. The promo video of Chrome speed must have been about rendering of cached page because I am experiencing ridiculous load times.

    4) Bookmark management is a joke at best!

    and won’t go any deeper. For now it twisted my onions enough to make me go back to Firefox. Either Chrome will get its acts together or I’d see not a single reason to move from Frirefox to Chrome and give even more control to Google over everything I do online.

    I do invite everyone to try it and if for you works best over all other browsers by all means stick with it… for me it just didn’t cut it.


  30. freakqnc I’m with you.

    I’ve tried chrome before and revert back to firefox.

    Last month, I tried it again. It is a fast browser, fast startup, fast render. But lack of functionality offered by 3rd party extensions that keep me away.

    Uninstalled it today, and reverting to my old FF.

  31. Chrome is terrible with pages that have a lot of videos. The bookmark sync’ing between computers is awesome though as well as application shortcut. If they fixed the video problem and added a “Make this your desktop background” option when you right click on pictures, I would be sold.

  32. point 1) wrong there is addons and more to come\
    point 2) there is multiple search engines just add what you want
    point 3) just to the page you want a lot (1 time a day) and chrome will recognize it when you type the first letter ( 7 letters decrease)
    point 4) there is a home button
    point 5) ya its not FireFox and Google chrome is the better version of it and i dont really recall Google paying people to promote FireFox is if they promote it them selfs would be much better like they did w/ chrome :d

  33. Your slavish devotion to the equally sucky Firefox is pathetic but I agree with the list. You left out its biggest flaw though. It keeps crashing in Windows 7!

  34. I think either this post is outdated, or your opinion is outdated…
    If you want to make it an I’m Feeling Lucky bar, just add I’m Feeling Lucky as your default search engine, and then you can feel smart again as you surf across the internet without using TLDs.

  35. i agree 100% google chrome sucks, and the idiots whining because you stated your opinion simply need to be SHOT. he’s RIGHT, it SUCKS, DEAL WITH IT IDIOTS. FIREFOX FOREVER,

  36. Chrome is, by far, the worst browser I’ve ever used. And I’m no fan of Firefox either.
    When trying to watch youtube vids, about half the time, I get a “Plugin missing” error and have to launch it again to get it to play.

    It crashes regularly and gives me that idiotic “Aw snap” screen. What jerk at G thought that was cute?

  37. looks like evantually google will try to purchase firefox…
    google chrome is Big Fail,.
    Avant Browser is the best

  38. Google Chrome sucks because of its utter lack of security and the fact you can’t turn off java. 😉 that’s real great when a java based virus attacks your browser…… *rolls eyes*

  39. haha chrome hater all you have to do is install one antivirus program like avast and you’re set, or maybe you’re just too dumb to even do that

    oh and I love the *rolls eyes*, that’s great comedic humor

    to people in general: chrome doesn’t have the problems, it’s probably just the lack of updated software on your computer.

  40. 1: It came automatically installed with Flash version 10 and up … Which every 5 minutes on about every site causes it to say that flash crashed or is unresponsive. This problem is fixable if you can uninstall and reinstall Flash 9, but you can’t with Google Chrome.

    2: Tabs are not recovered! Unless you have a perfect computer that never get’s confused with any command you give it (I wanna know what you have if this does exist, by the way) you’re bound to run into a few times where the computer throws a hissy fit and shuts down any windows you were on that took the internet to run. Fire fox, IE both have a recovery option to restore lost tabs, Fire fox having the most sophisticated and useful one because it can restore lost tabs from lost tabs (I also think the little apology thing is hilarious)

    3: It may looks sleeker, but most people don’t give a flying donut if it doesn’t run right. Who cares about appearance if it doesn’t even function correctly? And when it’s not functioning, there is little you can do about it because it’s so proud of it’s partnerships that you can’t uninstall any of the features that need to be fixed, only disable them.

    Side note: It’s also cold and impersonal Sorta like that great looking electronic thing that most people don’t know how to use or forget where everything is. I dislike opening up the tool bar to access EVERYTHING and having to remember short cuts all the time to go to view, copy, file etc.

    Google Chrome fails for sheer ego in itself. It just attracts people because it’s sleeker looking and makes the screen a little bigger, which is easily fixed in fire fox since you can just make the tool bar and address invisible

  41. None of the first four points are still true. I myself use both browsers. They both have times when they act retarded, in which case I use the other one.

  42. I agree that chrome sux maybe not for all the reasons listed but it does freeze up on my mbp which is plenty fast with any other browser. Ok this is beta so-that means it needs to be crap? Nah I will use FF or maybe sunrise-chrome is going in the dumpster.

  43. Chrome has ADD ONS!!!

    Change settings and u get multiple search engines.

    If You have Bookmarked YouTube then only FF opens YouTube directly

    Change settings you get homepage button!!!

    WTF are u giving reasons that CHROME is not the BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. I LOVE YOUR PICTURES ~ or whoever took them…they are great. Unlike Google-Crash, I mean Chrome.

    But yeah, that’s what it does…causes crash issues when using it on a site where I’m ordering something online. It’s the last time I will EVER use it to access a website when going through an entire process, CC and all… only to have it blitz in the last few seconds. Never has happened when I use just plain old IE through Yahoo search engine. BTW, anyone hear about Scroogle.org for browsing and search – check it out, they secure your searches and delete cookies you don’t want or need when surfing.

  45. I tried Chome recently and I just can’t get use to it. Fifrefox was very user friendly when I first started using it about 4 years ago and it wasn’t difficult to make the switch from IE. Chome is confusing and takes to much time just to get to a specific option.

  46. I heart Google full-force but Chrome should be an outright embarrassment to them. By the time I open my sixth tab, it’s using nearly a half-gig of RAM and why the 2-second long screen refresh when switching tabs? This laptop isn’t very old… Chrome is too bloated to be useful which is ironic considering how few features it touts. (No Gmail notifier??!!) I know its “beta” but it should be more usable than it is.

  47. chrome is fast, simple and user friendly though, easy to find options etc doesn’t bog down either after awhile, stays fast clean interface, tis nice when i have all and any stow away toolbar dl’s or some hidden shit cleaned out of my computer.

  48. Come on people try and clean up your language and try to use better words to describe your feelings.
    After all we are just talking about browsers………………………

  49. Amen. Google sucks. The whole…:I graduated from Stanford U and therefore know everything and can judge everything” attitude has to go. Just like the dumbass warning lights and interior auto lock / on off lights systems in GM cars, etc… the auto updating crap has to go.

    Firefox add ons make the browser unique, and customize it… one size does not fit all. I don’t like getting cars with all my options picked for me. I am not an idiot… I know what I like and what I do not like.

    I find CHROME to be slow, freezy… at it’s will it locks up… and intrusive. When I need to really fly and be fast… Google decides to upgrade, download, or do whatever else the hell it does. Personally, I think Google is a government funded spy mechanism designed to control and intrude into our lives. Just can’t wait to see what the geniuses are gonna do with computer auto mechanisms in common household appliances. They should REALLY screw this up.

    I think the best thing that could happen is to disband and close Google… and all the idiots who have a cellular phone sown to their heads and hands… texting is for nine year olds and idiots… NOT grownups. Make a damn phone call for God;s sake.

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