5 Hottest Olympian Female Athletes


#5 – Ana Ivanovic

Ana Ivanovic is this really hot Serbian tennis player who loves to eat Sushi and has a gorgeous smile. Oh and did I mention that she started playing tennis at the age of 5?

#4 – Leryn Franco

Leryn is a Paraguayan athlete who competed in the Javelin Throw. Why was she featured in this list? She’s sizzling hot, that’s why. In 2006, she was the runner-up in the Ms.

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Paraguay competition. Way to go girl!

#3 – Jennie Finch

Jennie Finch is this really hot American softball pitcher. She had a keen interest in baseball since the age of 5 and won several prestigious medals while in senior school. She’s probably the most famous softball player (maybe due to her sheer hotness 😛 )

#2 – Heather Mitts

Two Americans in the top 3. Wheww! Well, Heather Mitts is a defender in the American soccer team and helped the teaa win gold in the 2004 Olympics held in Athens.

#1 – Stephanie Rice

This Australian swimmer has bagged the #1 position in nearly all of the hottest athletes list and this list is no exception. How can one actually give this award to someone else when Steph is around?


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