Top 5 NFL Fantasy Football Rookie Sleepers of 2008


Creative Commons License photo credit: Abqtrucker

If you play NFL fantasy football like me, you always have to be aware of the sleepers that nobody knows about but they light up the field unexpectedly especially the rookies. Even if they were great in college, it doesn’t mean they’re have the same success.

Anyways, here are my top 5 NFL fantasy football rookie sleepers of 2008. Pick them up if you can before they’re all claimed off free agents!

Top 10 NFL Fantasy Football sleepers (in no particular order):

1. Chris Johnson, RB – Tennessee Titan

This rookie managed 93 yards rushing, 3 catches for 34 yards and a touchdown in week one. He has lightening quick speed and he can also catch. If you haven’t picked him up already, it’s probably because he’s not available in the free agent pool.

2. Ray Rice, RB – Baltimore Ravens

Yet another rookie but because of the injures with McGahee, he should see plenty of opportunies. Plus, he has better hands than McGahee. He is currently still available and many leagues and if McGahee plays less then I bet Rice won’t be available for long!

3. DeSean Jackson, WR – Philadelphia Eagles

Since we’re staying on rookie sleepers, Jackson will probably be the best WR sleeper this year. He had a great preseason and his coach, Andy Reid, thinks so highly of him that he sat him in the preseason finale. And if you know Reid, he doesn’t do that for rookies. Jackson is probably the fastest on the team and with injuries to Kevin Curtis and Reggie Brown, he should see plenty of opportunities.

Matter of fact, even if they come back, I doubt Jackson is going to lose the chances. Plus, he returns punts and he’s pretty damn good at it!

4. Felix Jones, RB – Dallas Cowboys

Jones is said to be the best overall RB of all rookies. He has great speed and he can also catch. He should get plenty of opportunities behind Marion Barber. And in week two, he should see more with Barber nursing a bruised ribs injury.

5. Eddie Royal, WR – Denver Broncos

This sleeper isn’t a sleeper anymore after his week one showing. Royal, a rookie, has great abilities similar to his counterpart, Brandon Marshall, and after his 9 catches for 146 yards and a touchdown performance, I highly doubt he’s available. But if he is, pick him up!