5 Of The Worst Ideas That I Have EVER Had!


I am sure you can all relate to this post!

Some people call them brain farts, some people call them mistakes but at the time of conception they seem like absolutely brilliant ideas!! Then disaster strikes.

1. Carrying two glasses on top of a plate, in one hand

Creative Commons License photo credit: shawnogram

A similar thought has passed through the mind and carried out by most people. Sometimes you get lucky but often, something falls, smashes and causes way more work than just carrying things up seperately!

2. Drinking beer during lunch break

Creative Commons License photo credit: Carlos Luna

It seems like a great idea to go to the pub with a couple of friends and have a social pint over lunch….. 3 pints and a game of pool later…. you stumble back to work and spend the afternoon in dizzy waves chasing the mouse pointer around the screen!

3. Asking my girlfriend if she is OK after stepping on a sharp object!

Creative Commons License photo credit: Ninha Morandini

Asking someone if they are OK in a moment of pain normally gives them the immediate action to take out all their angst and rage on you! You come out of the situation feeling worthless and sorry for giving a damn about the said person.

4. Running after a bus down a crowded street

Creative Commons License photo credit: kr15tan

That moment when you decide you can catch the bus is just not a rational moment. The minute you start to run and dodge you will lose your ground on the bus, lose footing and risk knocking a baby out of it’s stroller…. trust me I know!

5. Becoming a blogger

Ok, this one could be argued to be a good idea. But since blogging entered my life I have been thinking about it for most of the day every day… if I see something on the street, I wanna blog about it, If I am nit getting enough visitors….. I can’t sleep until I have hatched a new plan to get more. You get the point, blogging takes over your life. You can catch me blogging here and at FrugalZeitgeist.com.

What are the stupidest ideas you have ever had?