5 Indicators That It's Time To Hibernate


We all hate the winter so why not join many of our mammal cousins and go to sleep in a dark hole until it warms up…

Creative Commons License photo credit: LunaDiRimmel

As we don't have the instinct or knowledge to know when we should go to sleep here is a list of signs to look out for to know that the time has come:

1. The Squirrels are frantic

Creative Commons License photo credit: mandj98

When the squirrels are getting ready for the big sleep they literally go nuts…. frantically running and burrying and hiding from us big giants. They need to get all theri nuts burried before they go for the winter

2. You are getting fat

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Creative Commons License photo credit: themissiah

A summer of BBQ's and Beer could be put down to you just having a good time. But it's a great indicator that your body is getting itself ready for a winter of very little food. If you can't see your privates, it's probably the right time.

3. There is no more green

Creative Commons License photo credit: donbuciak

I don't mean you have run out of cash…. although that may be a good time to sleep. I mean that the trees are all hues of brown and they green leaves are no where to be seen.

4. It's dark when you get to the pub

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It's just not fair that you finish work, run home and take a shower. Then rush to the pub to meet some friends and it's pitch black!! We should not have to be awake through such dark days.

5. Walmart is selling Christmas Products

Too early for Xmas
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There is nothing more depressing than seeing the tack that Walmart start filling their shelfs with early in the Autumn… take the hint and prepare for sleep

6. You are getting Halloween Party Invites

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Halloween can be great fun but imagine how much better it would be to just wake up when all the wet and cold is over. The day that first invite is pushed your way is the day you know you can safely get down to hibernating.

Let us know if you can think of any other indicators!