12 Hyped Up Utterly Crappy Websites


There are tons of websites on the WWW that are wildly successful but come to think of it, are nothing special. In fact, they look ugly and are filled with shit. he only reason that people flock to these sites till date is because of the hype.

1. Myspace

Image representing MySpace as depicted in Crun...
Myspace takes the crown for the ugliest social networking website out there. Although it may be the biggest, that doesn’t make it the best and it’s success is down to the fact it was one of the first social networking sites out there. Nowadays it’s not cool, hugely over rated and used by social networking users as a no.2 or no.3 profile behind their facebook or bebo profiles.


2. Yahoo

What does yahoo add to the web? Nothing. It’s valued at something insane like $32bn. Rather than provide innovative, useful stuff, they annoy people on flickr as you have to sign up using a yahoo email address which nobody uses these days.


3. Hi5

Does anybody use hi5? Or is it simply on the myspace clone bandwagon?


4. Friendster

Does anybody use Friendster or is it simply on the myspace clone bandwagon? 😉


5. Orkut

Image representing Orkut as depicted in CrunchBaseDoes anybody use Orkut or is it simply popular due to the fact Google own it?


6. MSN

Apart from MSN messenger, what does MSN give us? Nothing. Overhyped search engine and overhyped site.


7. LinkedIn

What started off as a cool idea is now just a dead cool idea. The myspace of business social netwokring sites.


8. Ezine Articles

Seriously, does any ezine author actually write articles that aren’t designed to plug their own sites or increase their own search engine presence? I haven’t seen any.


9. Technorati

Image representing Technorati as depicted in C...A year or two ago these guys were the big smoke in the blogosphere… now they’re just blah. Ping problems, questionable rankings… used more by bloggers to promote their sites rather than to search and network with others.


10. Expansys

Expensive, overhyped stuff. Enough said. If you want to buy something online, you can rely on expansys to milk you for all you’re worth.


11. Squidoo

Another nice idea if you’re the guy that came up with it. These days squidoo is the new ‘make money online’ fad where ‘experts’ write about stuff they know about. Oh and there’s a gazillion ads and affiliate links all over the place usually.


12. Perez Hilton

This guy annoys me. I don’t know who he is or why he’s famous, but he is and all i know is that he blogs about celebs and makes a fortune doing it. Never did like gossip magazines or celeb culture.



  1. Lucas – How true! I myself am more than content with a facebook account as it’s soo much faster and better. MySpace has horrendous layouts and their itnerface is super-irritating.

    BlackhatWay – Yeah, I believe the focus has shifted to Facebook and Bebo nowadays (at least marketing-wise)

  2. I agree with most part of the list. However Orkut is the leading Social nw site in India mainly because of it’s simplicity in design. Even though it is slowing trying to ape facebook, people here still love it!

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