10 Clues He is Not the Man You Should Be Dating


1.    Does he call you at the last minute to ask you out on a date?  Does he wait until Friday night to ask you if you want to go out?

2.    Does he call you at 11:00pm at night asking you whether he can come over to your house to talk?  And when you let him come over, he finds a way to get you to your bedroom for a quickie and then he finds a good reason to leave before the sun comes up?

3.    When he introduces you to his friends does he simply tell them that you are “a friend”, when in your mind you think that you aught to be more than just a friend to him?

4.    Does he try his best to avoid introducing you to his family members?  When you talk to him about meeting his family does he come up with excuses like, “My parents are very religious and only want me to introduce them to a woman only when I am ready to marry.”

5.    Does he seem to avoid you during the weekdays and has a way of finding his way to your home only when he wants to make love to you?

6.    When you call him, does he always want to return your call at his convenience?

7.    Does he give you silly reasons why you cannot come to his house?  Does he tell you he is looking for a house and that he is currently living with his parents or his friends, and is not comfortable inviting you over?  If he avoids the idea of showing you where he lives, then there is a strong possibility that he may be involved with another woman — may be even married, with kids.

8.    When you see him at a club or bar with another woman he is quick to tell you that you that the other woman is a just a friend or even a relative.

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9.    Does he take personal calls on his cell phone by going outside or walking away from you?  Or perhaps his cell phone never rings when he is with you — it just simply vibrates and he glances at it to see if he should take the call — a sneaky sign that he may be avoiding taking a call from his significant other.

10.    Does he seem to avoid talking about dating you exclusively?  When you bring up the subject he starts telling you that you should not spoil a good thing by getting too serious.
If you man is constantly telling you any of these things, then you should do your very best to pull out of the relationship.  The truth is that, any man that will do any of these things does not really want you as their girl.  Move on and find a man that will respect and value you more. 

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