Top 5 Weapons I Love To Use In Quake


I’m sure everyone has played Quake at some point in their lives. The game’s so insanely fun, that’s it’s almost impossible to stop playing. Yes, I know many out there, call it mindless violence, but heck! mindless violence is the closest thing to entertainment I’ve seen 😛

  1. Rocket Launcher – Undoubtedly, the most fun weapon to use. You can just kill the other guy with 1 shot and it’s heaven to actually blast the dead corpse and see the pieces splatter on the screen.
    Another cool move, you can perform, is use the rocket launcher to shoot yourself up into the ….air.
  2. Railgun – It’s really fun to kill the other guy and leave him wondering as to where that deadly killing shot came from. Yes! The railgun is just like a sniper rifle minus the telescopic site. Kills with 1 shot, slow rate of fire and the works.
  3. Plasma Gun – Just keep on shooting plasma bullets and hope that the enemy falls dead. Seriously though, this gun has a super-fast rate of fire and you can shoot from all sorts of crazy angles. Drawback? The bullets don’t hurt .. much.
  4. Shotgun – I still love the good ole’ shotgun. Maybe, it’s because I’m outdated or maybe it’s because others don’t expect me to be good with a shotgun. It’s so easy to kill others as they always underestimate the shotgun due to it’s slow rate of fire. Believe me, it’s not *that* difficult to pull a headshot off.
  5. Gauntlet – Not really the best weapon but if you notice, the title is “Top 5 Weapons I Love In Quake”. It’s somewhat similar to a knife with a deadly drill. Impossible to kill with it, unelss you’re right next to the person which adds to the fun as you got to sneak right next to him and BAM!


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