Top 5 Ankle Breaking Videos


We all love seeing a good ‘ole ankle snap in half! Here’s 5 of the best bone snapping videos around…

No. 5

This kid tries to do some cool skateboarding sidewinder-360-backflip-thing-a-ma-jig and ends up picking tarmac out of his ankle.   


No. 4

Basketball injury here… some guy slam dunks for 2 points but notice a discreet little shove by a defender just as he’s about to land… the close up ain’t pretty 😉


No. 3

Rugby injury here. The guys looks remarkably calm though so that’s why the video doesn’t rank higher. It could easily rank no.1 if there were more screaming and agony 🙂



Another skateboarding kid trying to jump off mount everest and land on his feet 🙄 Plenty of screaming and agony in this one and that’s why it makes it in at no.2.



Last but not least and in at no.1 spot on our ‘top 5 ankle breaking videos’ chart, check out this which is our all time favourite and comes in at no.1…