Top 10 Tips For Potty Training Your Kids In Three Days Or Less


Being a new parent is a great experience, but just like with any of life’s greatest rejoice, there are some pros and cons, and new mothers merely have to learn to take the very best with the bad. For every blissful moment of watching your newborn baby yawn or smile, there is an dreadful one of changing soiled diapers. It’s just one of the simple realities of parenthood. New mothers inevitably find themselves changing a diaper every 2 or 3 hour, just waiting for the day that their new infant can use a lavatory all by themselves — but there’s a step in between that happening and that step is potty training.

The main problem with potty teaching is that it seems to take forever! As a general rule of thumb, girls are generally potty-trained a little earlier than boys, but either way, the little ones are still going to need a little help in this department until they are around four to five years old.

The good news is that potty teaching young children doesn’t need to be quite so tedious and time-consuming. Sure, “there wasnt” miraculous ways to get kids to understand the notion instantly, but there are few tried and true tricks parents can try to help their little ones get the hang of it sooner rather than later.

New mothers, we propose taking notes!

1. Have A Reward System In Place For Successful Potty Use


Kids tend to learn a little faster if they know there will an accolade for their efforts. It doesn’t have to be candy, stickers will work just fine or add a coin to a container for each successful trip that they can spend on anything they crave when they eventually learn the ropes.

2. If They Don’t Crave To Go, Have Them Blow Bubbles


If you sit young children down on the toilet but they refuse to go, have them blow some bubbles. Not simply is it fun, but it helps loosen the stomach muscles, inducing it easier to do what they’ve got to do.

3. Make Going At Night A Little More Fun With This Toilet Nightlight


This nightlight illuminates the bowl in any color you choose, inducing it more fun for children at night. An added bonus is that you don’t need to ignite your retinas off by becoming the light on in the middle of the night.

4. Have Them Wear Underwear, Preferably With Their Favorite Characters On Them


Your child is likely going to have quite a few accidents while potty teach, so merely maintain a lot of undies on hand, instead of washing one tonne of clothes. If the underwear has their favorite characters on it, you can tell them that they don’t want to get those guys wet.

5. Have Them Drink A Lot Of Water


Not simply is it important for kids to be well hydrated, this will make sure your kids get plenty of practice.

6. Lose The Distractions



With the sheer quantity of fluids kids take in, your child is going to need to go to the bathroom at any moment, so you need to be alert and ready!

7. It’s Not All Going To Be Number One, But Putting A Coffee Filter In The Potty Helps Clean Number Two


Just don’t confuse it for your actual coffee first thing in the morning and this should make cleaning up a breeze.

8. Just Follow the Instructions In This Picture


It runs and will likewise probably be the easiest thing you’ll have to clean in this entire process

9. Let Them Know When You’re Disappointed


We all are well aware that positive reenforcement is a good thing, but children need to know when they’ve let you down sometimes, as well( merely do it in a calm and helpful way ).

10. Let’s Face It, Accidents Are Going To Happen


This is something that merely can’t be avoided. It’s not all smooth sailing, but you can hope for the best.

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