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The right way to get a tan this summer | Fox News


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While we recognize too much sunlight is bad, all those warns to stay indoors during the sexiest season of the year ten-strike us as the dermatological equivalent of abstention education: mighty naive and no damn fun. “Its what” a reasonable, sun-loving guy needs to know before stepping into those ultralight beams.

What time of day should I be soaking up rays?
In the morning, before all the sand-flinging “childrens and” Pitbull-blasting jerks show up and spoil the fun, anyway. The sunlight is at its most murderous between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

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What should I do during those hours?
Patronize the nearest shady tiki bar. You can go back out in the late afternoon.

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Once and for all: Which sunblock should I buy?
Beverly Hills dermatologist Harold Lancer, whose guest volume includes actors, legislators, and other fancy people, recommends Dermalogica Daily Defense SPF1 5 , which is basically the ideal broad-spectrum sunblock: It’s light and fast-absorbing, doesn’t leave a residue, and has no fake colorings or aromas. It’s also a moisturizer. About the only thing it can’t do is apply itself.

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Is there some rule for how much of the stuff I need to put one across?
The SPF number assumes you’re use a shot glass’s worth of goo, so dust off your Senor Frog’s souveniror, yes, eyeball itand apply that much, 30 minutes before going outside. Repeat every two hours, more if you’re float or sweating, which you will be, because you’re at the damn beach. If you’re not use SPF 15 or above, you’re better off not bothering, Lancer tells. But anything above 50 is blowing smoke up your butt.

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That’s a gross expression. What else should I do?
Grab a hat. One with a nice wide-ranging brim, like a pail hat, in a lightweight cloth such as seersucker. The brim’ll shield your face and keep your scalp from running leathery, while the breathable substance ventilates your scalp and spares it from frying. Bonus: You’ll be the best-dressed virtually naked human on shore.

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Sweet, so now I’m stylish and cancer-free. When should I call it a day?
Like a steak that continues cooking even after you pull it from the oven, your scalp will keep tanning even after you’ve packed up your beach towel. Stop earlier than you’d belief. Head home when your scalp starts to feel drynot where reference is resembles a football.

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