10 Things About Alligators That Will Totally Take You By Surprise


Are you afraid of alligators?

Lots of people are, and with good reason. They are pretty impressive creatures, and you might think they’re terrifying if you come face-to-face with one. You will not catch me swimming in certain parts of Florida for that very reason. Even pools are questionable, but then again, I have a very vivid imagination.

There are two kinds of alligators. One is the Chinese alligator, which is smaller and lives in, you guessed it, China. The other is the American alligator, which is much larger and lives in, you guessed it once more, America( specifically, from South Carolina to the tip of Texas ). Both types of alligators are very different from crocodiles, which have narrower snouts and toothier grins.

The American alligator population in Florida has been rising, with over thousands and thousands of occupying the nation, spread throughout each and every county. If you plan on visiting Florida anytime soon, or if you live there now, you may be wondering what these creatures are all about.

These 10 alligator realities about the ones here in America are all so fascinating.

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