Moms 8-Year-Old Son Writes Hysterical Third Grade Survival Guide For His Fellow Students


When you’re in school, you learn something new every year.

Whether it’s how to become a better student, or how to become a better human, the mind is constantly growing and gaining knowledge.

And, for Christopher Bannon, his knowledge has gained him a taste of fame.

He’s only 8 years old , but his school survival guidebook( for the third largest grade) is now all over the internet.

His mom posted his packet on Facebook, which included his 10 tips-off to living school as a third grader. They were hilarious to all ages, but I think they might actually is to assist some young children like him.

After all , not everyone can withstand the temptation to lay down in the middle of the classroom. But, Christopher is here to tell you that you better withstand! And everyone on the internet is sharing the wisdom.

Third graders seem to know a lot more than we are able to think — the guide is going viral !~ ATAGEND