Anne Hathaway Is Sick Of Getting Asked Why the Internet Hates Her, So Let’s Remind Her


Its been four years since Anne Hathaway won her Oscar, and she says that she still gets asked in virtually every interview about why the Internet hates her so much. She plays a monster in her new movie, so in a new interview with Jezebel she talked about people treating her like a ogre in real life. In typical Anne style, she acts like shes above it all, went on to say that even though I wouldnt have chosen to go through it, I still detected a style to be grateful to it. Like, truly? Do what you have to do, but grateful seems like an odd option of words for people bullying you online. She even took it a pace further by adding, “How the world been thinking about me has nothing to do with me, ” so clearly Anne has missed the level of all of our articles( if you’re reading, Hi Anne !) and it’s unlikely she will listen to our advisory opinions and do less. Oh well, it was a noble endeavour on our parts.

Here at Betches, we absolutely havent been participating in Team Anne since, and we stand by everything weve mentioned. Heres how we see it: of course Anne Hathaway is a person and we guess it’s bothering that she ever gets asked about people detesting her, but thats not our fault and it doesnt mean we have to suck up to her all of a sudden. So in case youre envisioning to yourself here are 10 important reasons Anne still cant sit with us.

1. Her Damn Oscar Speech

It wasn’t enough “that were” forced to watch her speech, but then she came out afterward and said her speech was “fake” and she wasn’t actually happy when she won her Oscar. Like, just when you think someone can’t get any more fucking vexing, they cling desperately to their four-year-old Oscar win, constantly reminding the public that it happened, and then have the gall to come out subsequently and say they weren’t even happy about it.

2. She Single-Handedly Ruined The Last Batman Movie

And that’s mentioning a lot, considering Christian Bale was still trying to construct that nasally Batman voice happen.

3. She’s A Thief

She literally stole a centerpiece from a jamboreea centerpiece made by Dior that was probably very expensive, might I addand then posted about it on Instagram, presumably to show how “cool” and “edgy” she is for stealing a piling of( artfully organized and decorated) newspaper. Watch out, we got a badass over here!

4. Whatever The Fuck This Is

This is how I will die: at the hands of Anne Hathaway garmented as Kevin Federline.

5. That Time Jimmy Fallon Let Her Rap On TV

Anne likely belief she was sooo cool because she knew the words to “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe”( congratulations, you’re on the same degree as every sorority girl ). Let’s not forget that this rap was brought to us by Jimmy Fallon, the same human who ruffled Trump’s hair on television. Is Jimmy the real problem?

6. That Time She Ruined The Oscars

It mentions a lot about you when you manage to build James Franco appear cool and collected in comparison. It also says a great deal about you when you manage to construct James Franco visibly uncomfortable. If anything should have served as a come to Jesus moment, it was the 2011 Oscars.

7. When She Wore That Cerulean Sweater

And then had the audacity to act like she was above the very same fashion industry that generated that ghastly knock-off cerulean sweater.

8. When She Imagined This Was Something We Craved To See

WTF even is that? You’re not a 16 -year-old kid from New Jersey in an 18 -and-up club. Throw that away.

9. She Looks Ridiculous In A Suit

Oh god. My eyes. There’s just so much going on here, and all of it is equally heinous. I wish I could go back in time to before I watched that suit. It was a simpler time.

10. She Stole Emily’s Trip To Paris Like A Little Bitch

And then, to add insult to injury, hurled her phone in the fucking water fountain and quit her job in the middle of it! What an ungrateful, grostky little biatch.

So basically, Anne, we don’t hate you because you’re riling. You’re bothering because we abhor you. No, wait actually, we definitely hate you because you’re vexing. Sorry if you see this Anne, have a great period!

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