12 Crucial Things You Must Do When You Head To The Nail Salon


Getting a manicure or a pedicure is a great way to relax, give yourself a little treat after you’ve had a long day at work, or after a stressful week with the in-laws.

But did you know that you could actually be making problems while you’re at the parlour, or even constructing things more difficult for yourself?

These are 10 nail salon rules that everyone should know about. These are so important to avoid constructing the mani-pedi experience unenjoyable for yourself, your esthetician, or the rest of the customers in the salon.

Are you guilty of forgetting any one of these 10 important things on your trip-ups to get glamorous fingernails? I know I’ve skipped# 4 before and definitely regretted it. Sometimes, it’s easy to overlook interesting thing who are able to lead to big problems!