10 Tips From Grandma To Help Dingy, Tattered, And Faded Clothes Last Longer


One of my favorite things to pull out of the wardrobe every winter is the cozy tweed button-up I get for just 25 pennies at a thrift store only a few years ago. Obviously, it wasn’t in the best shape to start out with, but that’s what constructed it extra comfy!

After my own wear and tear, though, it’s definitely needed some patching up. I usually flaw my mom to bust out her needle and thread and attain quick project of any rips or pits that need mending, but I’m beginning to realize there are some things adults should really just know how to do for themselves rather than knocking on mom or grandma’s door.

Of course, that doesn’t mean we can’t go to them to learn a thing or two first. It just constructs sense to head to the source when it comes to fixing or sprucing up our clothes, instead of saying goodbye to that favorite item before we’re ready to let it go.

Take a look and let us know if we missed any other easy sets your mom or grandma taught you.

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Thumbnail sources: Flickr, YouTube