10 Important Things Ive Learned As I Turn 23


1. You only need one person to believe in you and that is yourself .
You have to build that confidence that you can do anything you wishes to do, even if everyone is saying you cant. Dont be afraid of failing, you will have more unhappiness not doing things youve ever wanted than actually doing these things and failing. After all, its your dream and not theirs; so bring yourself together and tell yourself that I can.

2. You cannot ever get what you crave .
There are situations in your psyche that you wish you were in; people you wish you are and places you wish youve been but life do not give you all of these things. Recollect that God only gives you the things that are necessary and not all the things that you want. If you cant get it, it means your life is far better off without it. So stop clinging to these wants or else all the annoyances will pile up and will consume your life.

3. People ever have unrealistic expectancies of you, dont try to satisfy them .
You dont have to seek validation or acceptance from other people. It will just wear you out, will pressure you, and will affect your self-worth and happiness. Whatever you do, there will always be something they would say; so better do the things that you want.

4. Dont chase people .
The people you gratify belong to certain seasons of your life. Theyre not meant to stay and they will eventually go when that season is over and they have served these objectives. Clinging to them and holding on to them when it’s already their time to leave is emotionally draining, it will build you question your self-worth and value. It will also hamper your growth and everything life has in store for you. God will ever place the peopleyou need in your life, never too late, never too early. You dont need to do anything but trust him.

5. Success does not happen overnight. Be patient with yourself .
Just like diamonds which need great time and extreme pressure to be molded and to shine. You also need to undergo adversities and you also need to trust time to give you that moment to sparkle. Youve got big dreams, which would also mean you have to do big actions. Dont hurry; recollect youre in the process of getting it.

6. Love is not based on feelings, its ever a selection .
As much as you enjoy your favorite chocolate, there will come a day when it will savour different and willnot give you the same happiness you once experienced. Much like enjoy, there will come a day that you wont get the same feeling you had in the beginning of the relationship. Emotions fade, moods changes because you yourself also changes. As you grow older, you will discover that there is always something/ someone better than what you have. Youll chase the very best one and eventually moods will die down again. Its a cycle. And it would ever be your selection if you will continue to chase the very best ones or work with what you have.

7. The world is not only blooms and butterflies .
It is not as good as how you read things when youre young. It is not as sweet as how it’spictured in fairy tales. It also has adark side, people and events that will build you fall and stumble throughout your life. People will hurt you, things will not turn out the lane you expect them too. Be ready of all the jagged streets life has in store for you but dont opt yourself from dreaming.

8. You are not special; “the worlds” will continue to move regardless of what youre goingthrough .
The world wont care, people lives will continue. Even if you fall and stop living, it would only take seconds of “peoples lives” but would not make a big impact on them. You will only be a part of a remembrance, someone they used to know. So when life knocks you down, you were supposed to army yourself to get up and continue living or else you will be left behind.

9. People treat you the lane you allow them to treat you .
You are capable of enforcing things and stopping things that you dont crave. You teach people on how you should be treated by the way you allow them to speak to you, by the way you allow them to touch you, by the way you allow them to depend on you. Youre the one responsible on setting out the border and youre the one responsible in establishing the respect you want to receive.

10. Things will eventually was better in the end, if its has still not been better, then it is still not theend .
Your current situation will never be your final destination, it’s temporary and willchange over day. God sets difficult seasons in your life to yield something better in you. It may not be the situation you are expecting to come but undoubtedly there will be something better out of it. Remember, “youre still” in the process.

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