What You Need To Know Before Moving In With Your Boyfriend So You Don’t Break Up


So you’ve been in a long term relationship and you haven’t given up on each other yet, congratulations. Now you’re considering taking the next step and moving in together, most likely because you want to save on rent and because your boss is eventually going to notice all those late night Ubers you’ve been expensing. And sure, there are a lot of good reasons to move in with someone like saving on rent and utilities, ever having a person around to holler your anxieties at, and the fact that you like, desire them or whatever. But before you set a rental on it, here’s a few things you should know before you pack your pouches and move in with your boyfriend.

And yes, the committee is male/ girl specific but there’s already a whole movie about all the awesome shit that can happen when women cohabitate and it’s called. In theaters now.

You’re Running To Crave To Have Your Own Space

Even if you’re head over heels Ryan-Gosling-and-Rachel-McAdams in love with one another, living together is going to suddenly feel like suffocating at times. You’re literally breathing in twice as much air, and it’ll sometimes feel like he’s listening to your thoughts when you’re trying to relax. Sometimes you’ll feel like his very presence is a personal attack. If you want to make living together work, you should carve out your own space to relax in on periods you’re feeling stifled. Whether it’s a coffee shop nearby that only you are familiar with or a literal office in your apartment you can hide out in. Much like a puppy differentiates his region, you need some corners that don’t have man energy all over it. This does not, however, justify him calling any part of your new home a “man cave.” Likewise merely don’t move in with anyone who would want to make parts of your apartment a “man cave.”

Keep The Bathroom Door Closed

Sure, some psychos might think it’s romantic to get so comfy you can pee with the door open, but those people don’t realize that “romantic” and “pee” should never go together. Unless you’re into sea sports, I guess. In fact, maintaining some degree of mystery will be key to continuing your intrigue alive. Just because you’ve had all his parts in your mouth doesn’t mean you want to ever hear him in the bathroom after you get Mexican. Just do yourselves both a favor and keep that bathroom doorway shut. Unless he’s not home. In which lawsuit, do you. It’s actually very liberating.

You’re Running To Fight About Money

Even if you’re both killing it in your jobs and/ or born rich af, you’re still going to get into fights about fund. As Tennessee Williams and Notorious B.I.G. taught us, mo’ fund mo’ difficulties. You might not have a shared bank account, but you’re sharing rent and it’s just a matter of period before he brings home a flatscreen TV that starts doubling your cable bill. You can avoid this by simply setting up a system for bills and documenting everything on a spreadsheet (* chills *) so nobody feels like they’re paying more. Or by getting one of those sex coupon books and paying him back that route. Whatever works for you.

You Can’t Hide From Each Other When You’re Sick

Sure it’s sweet when he brought you here medication that one time you let him see you when you two are sick, but that’s simply because you were on your final period of recuperation and expended 45 minutes on “natural” looking makeup before you allowed him to bring you orange juice. Living together means the next time you get deathly ailment and liquid is coming out of every hole, you won’t be able to go off the grid and tell him you have a “busy week at work”. He’s going to see you in your full sickness, and vice versa. This runs double for hangovers and period pains. Beware.

You Gotta Keep An Eye On Your Sex Life

When you think about living together, “youre supposed to” assume you’re going to be having sex constantly. I mean, you sleep in the same couch. But the thing about literally any step you take to further a relationship is you stop having as much sex as you would if you were still late nighttime pillage calling one another and feigning it’s “casual.” This weird thing happens where because you have to see each other literally every day, you merely start getting endured. It’s like having unlimited snacks at work: you just stop wanting to eat them( or so I am told by people with self-control ). If you plan vacations and day trips, you’ll keep the exhilaration alive and have something to look forward to.

You’re Moving To Stop Going Out As Much

Why would you go out to eat or drink when you have a full bar at home and you can do it in your pajamas? Living together means you’re going to both stay in more nights, and going out is going to feel like an event. It used to be convenient to meet up out and then go back to one of your places, but now you won’t insure the level of running the race when you’re starting at the finish line. If you want to keep the sparks alive, just construct has the intention to hang out with people other than him more so “youve got something” to look forward to when you come home.

You’re Running To Freak Out About The Next Step

Once you move in together, everyone and your mother( especially your mother) is going to expect you to get married. You may even expect you to get married. Because you’ve knocked out one of major milestones of your relationship, even if you both know you want to wait for matrimony, it’s going to be the next big thing for you to hit. It’s like going on a road journey you know is going to last for a whileyou’re still going to keep checking how far you have left to go. So if you’re not ready to consider the idea of marriage, then don’t keep it moving together. You’ll also be going to more bridals as each other’s plus one because you can’t not take each other when you literally live together.

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