7 Small “Mistakes” You May Be Making On Leg Day At The Gym


Ah, leg period Such a love-hate relationship.

You adoration the #BootyGains. But you detest the inability to walk any sort of distance for after.

Yesterday, I embarked on leg day for the first time in awhile. I imagined I could start right where I left off months ago.

Bad move.

Considering the fact that my left hamstring currently seems identical to the consistency of Jell-O, I can’t help butwonder if I’m making any other missteps on my journey to toned thighs.

Here are seven missteps you’re likely building when leg day rolls around.

Make these small-scale adjustments, and you’ll be on your style to becoming a hunker superstar.

1. Your Knees Are Straying Inward

Letting your knees stray inward during squats probably doesn’t looks a lot like a big deal in the moment, but it highly increases your risk for hurt specially ACL tears.

To avoid this, add strength bands to your squattings as a little reminder to outwardly rotate your knees.

Strengthening your hip abductors can also help your kind, according to BodyBuilding.com.

2. You Neglect Your Hammies

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