Don’t lie, you’re kind of intrigued by these hairy leggings



Forget that wholelong-running and passionate” Are leggings pants ?” argumentoften waged by fashion blogs. I am securely Team LeggingsArePants, but these hilarioushairy leggings by Contradomight do irreversible damage caused to that side of the debate.

According to the DailyMail, you cancustomize “hairy” robeon the website, but if you’re looking for another option, you can get them ready made at Redbubble. For merely $49, you canscore these unusual leggings, which have a beige base and a swirly, black, and hair-like pattern that reminded us of what my dad’s legs looked like when we moved swimming at the beach when I was single digits in age. Yes, a variety ofhairy leggings existand they are kind of hilarious, in a Halloween costume, giving-zero-you-know-whats kinda way.

As someone who personally enjoys shaving my legs each morning in the shower, because I loathe stubble, desire the super soft be thought that my shaving cream gives my skin, and generally doesn’t like my legs to be hairy, I cannot hang with these. Granted , not all people shave , nor should they feel pressure to do so, but I have trouble imaging anyone rocking these to a social event.

But, hey, “if youre trying to” decked out in a tank and a mini skirt paired with these hairy leggings, you actually add a little texture and some unexpected humor to your ensemble. If you bare your arms, why not cover up your legs in a unique lane, right? If you are a style envelope pusher who likes to do your own thing, you should totally rock these.

Courtesy Redbubble

Redbubble is a digital marketplace that makes independent artists a place to sell their unique initiations. Unique certainly encapsulates what these leggings are. The leggings boast a stretchy waistband and come in sizes XXS through XL.

Here are some Insta comments from someone who is posted them. The reactions are mixed. I’d personally take a pass on these would you wear’ em?

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