Avoid Getting Fired At The Office Party


Alcohol and crazy office antics are very normal at a Christmas party. So are embarrassment and people getting fired the day after! Take this advice and avoid getting fired or dealing with loathing stares this year!

  1. Watch your alcohol intake and don’t mix drinks, staying alert is essential to surviving the office party.
  2. Don’t talk to any managerial staff. A little alcohol makes the lips slippery and you may say the wrong thing.
  3. Even if Angela or Ted from Human Resources looks super hot… don’t slip away and have a light of drunken lust.
  4. Leave early to avoid getting involved in any fights or office drama
  5. Make sure that any clients you see are given full courtesy.
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    I know that one of my old companies lost clients that came to an Xmas party and were disgusted with the staffs behavior! Don’t let that be your fault!

  6. Don’t be too late the next day. Dealing with a hangover the next day is acceptable, not comin in or being really late is not!
  7. Don’t come in a tracksuit. Dress smart and sharp, even if it isn’t your normal attire. You will blend in and go unnoticed.

The key is to stay covert, enjoy a few drinks, have some good times with your co worker friends and get to work feeling ok the next day. Do all this and you should be safe!