Alternatives to a Puppy for Christmas


As Christmas draws near, thousands of of little children will be begging their parents for a pet puppy. Dogs are fantastic pets and I hope to have one soon but… there are a whole wealth of interesting and crazy pets that you could get for your children this year.

Here are some alternate pets to think about.

1. The Australian Bearded Dragon

Hailing originally from Australia but now the most captive bread pet Lizard. As Lizards go they are relatively easy to care for and can be very quirky and quite loving. My Lizard used to run around the living room quite happily and would even come and sit on my shoulder to watch TV with me!

Drake and Jiggs
Creative Commons License photo credit: kevin_cease

More information on Bearded Dragons can be found on The Lizard Lounge

2. Ferrets

These long rodents are a pure joy. They are extremely inquisitive and mischievous but the most fun. I would advise getting two as they like each others company. Also they get a little stinky to make sure you have a place for their cage away from the kitchen and living area.

Creative Commons License photo credit: vdowa

3. A Pot Bellied Pig

Pigs are one of the most intelligent animals that you can find. A pot bellied pig will easily give you as much love as a dog and will probably learn more tricks if taught correctly. These animals are a pure joy to be around.

Creative Commons License photo credit: danrandom

4. Lovebirds

These little tiny birds live in pairs most of the time. Sadly if they lose their partners they often pass away too but their devotion can often be towards their owners too. If you get the birds young and handle them often they will be devoted to you forever.

Creative Commons License photo credit: pikopita

Let us know if you have any interesting pets….