The Top 5 Best Candy Bars Ever!


This could well be the hardest post I have ever written. The idea of actually deciding which candy bar rates number 1 was a long hard decision for me!

Please let me know what your favorite is.

5. Kit Kat

Kit Kats on Rice
Creative Commons License photo credit: IwateBuddy

Four fingers of wavers covered in an awesome layer of chocolate. Only at number 5 because I miss the old foil packaging! Recent additions to the range have included the awesome Chunky Kit Kat, white chocolate and a range of luxury flavors.

4. Dairy Milk

Cadbury Dairy Milk
Creative Commons License photo credit: sudeep1106

Nothing beats Dairy Milk for simplicity. A whole bar of chunky Cadbury’s chocolate. The Belgium’s tried to stop Cadbury’s calling their product chocolate once (I don’t have a source to prove this)…. However I don’t care what it is called, I love it!

3. Toffee Crisp

Creative Commons License photo credit: Lord Manley

I have not had one of these for a while but the taste still lives with me. The bar is filled with Toffee and Rice Crispy like bits. One bite and you are hooked.

2. Twix

I Love Twix
Creative Commons License photo credit: Touzeen Hussain

Two fingers of chocolate / biscuit awesomeness. I really love the Twix Ice Cream too! Again another bar with a few variaties such as white and dark. I have fond memories of getting sick from eating too many party sized Twiz bars as a child!

1. Skor Bar / Dime Bar

I’m originally from the UK so when I came to North America it never crossed my mind that the candy bars would be different! For a start I call them chocolate bars by nature. So when I went shopping for a firm favorite….. Dime Bar and no one had heard of it I was shocked. Especially as I had always assumed the bar was American, due to it’s name.

I was heart broken…. But one lonely night on a late night binge I decided to try a new candy bar called a Skor….. To my delight it was identical to my Beloved Dime Bar. I felt like I had been reunited with a long lost friend.

Skor Bar contains a thin layer or crunchy toffee that has been dipped in fantastic Hershey chocolate. It’s bite produces a perfect crunch and then you have fun getting the toffee out of your teeth.

A hard choice but a good strong winner 🙂

Skor bar


So…. Am I right? Please let us know.