10 Things That Happen When You Fall In Love With Your Career Instead Of A Person


1. You gain more perspective.

Your view of the world drastically changes. All of a sudden your world isn’t gray anymore. It’s more vivid and bright. Your world is now full of new opportunities and experiences. Your world becomes your oyster.

2. You become more independent.

You start to learn how to navigate your own life, in your own terms. You start learning how to do more by yourself, without asking for help. You become ferociously independent and accountable, without are concerned about a significant other.

3. Your friendships grow stronger.

Because you have more hour now( aside from your career ), you value your friendships more. You learn how to spend your time wisely and choose to hang with your friends during free hours of your day. Your friendships start to blossom and grow more than ever before.

4. You gain self-love.

You have hour by yourself now and as a result, you focus more on what induces you happy. You start to take better care of yourself and in time, will gain more self respect and enjoy for your heart.

5. You start realizing the little things.

You appreciate your friends more, their own families more and find yourself developing genuinely more happy. You start growing more thankful as the days pass, happy your career is blooming and not having to worry about a relationship status.

6. Your goals drastically change.

Your goals change from seeing a boyfriend or a girlfriend to excelling at your career. Your goals from years ago seems childish and amateur now. Now, you can focus on yourself and your success without anyone weigh you down. You become to driver of your own life.

7. You put yourself first.

You now have learned not to settle for anything less than what you deserve. You know your worth now, and you don’t need validation from anyone else. You make sure you don’t get taken advantage of, and ever speak up for yourself.

8. You become less stressed.

Before you were too focused on your relationships and problems in your love life. Now, because you are single, you simply worry about yourself and your career. You feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of your shoulders because you don’t have to worry about anyone else now.

9. You start enjoying alone time.

You don’t feel lonely when you spend time alone now. You crave solitude and altogether enjoy nighttimes in, invested alone. You’ve learned that you don’t need another person to stimulate you feel full or whole. You don’t need to fill a void.

11. You learn more about yourself than ever before.

You informed about what induces your heart fill with pleasure. You learn more about what is necessary and don’t need in your life and in a relationship too. You learn that you by yourself, is good enough. You learn that your time is important, and you’ve learned to accept yourself for who you are now. You ultimately learn that you’re worth something. And you don’t need somebody to see that.

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