Why can’t you get that song out of your head?


( CNN) In 2009, Lady Gaga sang about being caught in a bad intrigue, and people the world over were, nearly instantly, able to sing along.

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Even now, seven years later, the odds are pretty good that her desire woes are already playing on loop-the-loop in your intellect, based solely given the fact that you merely read something about it.

“Rah-rah ah-ah-ah.” Just in case you weren’t there yet.

“Bad Romance, ” Lady Gaga “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head, ” Kylie Minogue “Don’t Stop Believin’, ” Journey “Somebody That I Employed To Know, ” Gotye “Moves Like Jagger, ” Maroon 5 “California Gurls, ” Katy Perry “Bohemian Rhapsody, ” Queen “Alejandro, ” Lady Gaga “Poker Face” Lady Gaga