These 8 Poems Are A Reminder That Black Women Are The S**t


There are no adversities, beauties and frustrations like those that arising as a result of the experience of black womanhood.

With the permeating nature of misogynoir discovered everywhere from reality TV to the lack of media coverage aroundmissing black daughters in Washington , D.C. it can be difficult to remember just how exceptional we are.

So in honour of World Poetry Day and the absurdly moving nature of spoken word, weve collected a few lyrics that lay out exactly what builds black women so dynamic. These lyrics are essentially a reminder that were the s ** t.

Disclaimer: Some of the following lyrics contain profanity .

1. This Woman, Alysia Harris

2. P *** y Poem, Jasmine Williams

3. 10 Things I Want To Tell To A Black Woman, Joshua Bennett

4. For Ladies Who Are Difficult To Love, Warsan Shire

5. A Message to Women, Reyna Biddy

6. Black Girl Magic, Shasparay Lighteard

7. Black Girl Blues, Masterpiece Poet

8. “Black Girls Be Boxing, ” Stella Binion

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