The Avid Gardener’s House Hunting Checklist


Have a green thumb? As a gardener, you know that when you buy a mansion, youre also buying a garden. And for some garden devotees, the outdoor area is also possible just as important as whats inside. Here are 10 things to consider putting on your home-buying wish list if you love to garden.

1. Not-just-for-looks landscaping . Sometimes well-meaning homeowners update the landscaping to boost curb appeal for a sale, without realise that the plants they put in are far too close together for long-term growing or are inappropriate for the climate. Be sure any new landscaping was done thoughtfully and wasnt overcrowded simply to seem good for staging intents.

2. Ample sun, fertile soil . Aim to visit the homes on your short list at several phases during the day to get a feel for how the sun reaches each the members of the yard. You can also use your GPS to check the orientation of the house and get a better sense of how the sun moves across the property. If there were a flourishing garden on-site, this is a good sign that the yard gets adequate sun and has rich soil.

3. Garden shed . A sturdy shed with chamber to store tools and supplyings makes a practical addition to any garden. Seem for a shed that is in good condition, is large enough to storage all your tools and equipment, and has a door that latches to keep out curious pets and kids.

4. Potting area . A shed may be used as a potting area, but sometimes its easier to work out in the open. Seem for a sheltered outdoor area with chamber for a job surface. Does it have easy-to-maintain flooring and an outdoor faucet within reach?

5. Healthy trees . Mature trees are a wonderful feature, improving air quality and furnishing shade to the yard. But sick trees, or those that have been forgotten or improperly pruned, can be costly to treat( and may even need to be removed ). Be sure any trees on the property are healthy and have been regularly maintained by an arborist.

6. Well-maintained hardscaping . Retaining walls, terraces, decks, fencings, sea features, outdoor kitchens and fireplaces basically any permanent feature that is a part of the homes landscape should be inspected to ensure that theyre in good condition. These features form the backbone of the landscape, so you should also like the design!

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7. Greenhouse or conservatory . Whether its an elaborated conservatory attached to the house or a basic greenhouse in the garden, some kind of terms of protecting young and overwintering plants can be a big boon to a serious gardener. Seem for a free-standing greenhouse( or chamber to add one) if you plan to use the space to cultivate a large number of seedlings each spring. However, even a small sunroom can provide a handy place for starting seeds and sheltering sensitive potted plants in winter.

8. Operating irrigation system . A good irrigation system can save you hour and usually employs less sea than watering by hand. If the home you are considering has only one irrigation system, be sure to give it a thorough exam. Just because its there doesnt mean it works!

9. Critter-proof fencing. If the current owneds have fencing around their garden, thats a pretty good sign that critters are a problem. Of course, if youre moving to an area where wild animals are prevalent, youll be thankful to have the fencing already installed! Learn what you can find out from the owners about the types of animals spotted around the property and what techniques seem to help keep the critters away from tender plants.

10. A place to enjoy a good position of your handiwork . Whether its a spacious porch or an outdoor dining room, a comfy area to kick back and loosen is the ultimate recede after a hard days work in the garden.

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