Stolen American flag in California quickly replaced by Veterans of Foreign Wars


A patriotic neighborhood in California was taken by surprise when a family heirloom was stolen off a flagpole.

Devan McInerney walked outside at her home in Folsom around 1 a.m. Saturday morning, bellowing when she discovered her granddads flag was move. Her granddad, Lynn Featherstone, was a Vietnam vet who passed away last year. Grandpa Featherstone entailed a lot to me and its the only thing that I have from him, so yeah it meant a lot to me, McInerney told Fox 40.

McInerney added, I havent even had the guts to pick up the zip ties that they took off.

While upset by the event, McInerney said she was thrilled by the support her community proved. McInerney posted about the stolen flag on a Folsom community Facebook page. There were so many answers mentioned McInerney. The local Veterans of Foreign Wars group immediately took action, supplanting the flag, which McInerney mentions intend so much to us.


McInerneys husband, Ryan, was also in the military forces, and is a Navy veteran just like her grandfather. I elevated and lowered that thing every day of my life for five years when I was in the U.S. Navy, Ryan McInerney mentioned. Its very important to me.

The couple is hoping the flag was stolen as a prank and will be returned. Ryan McInerney told Fox 40, I hope its not[ a political message ], whether its anti this or anti that or pro this or pro that Im pro America.

While the replacing flag does not comprise the same sentimental value, it is still winging proudly. The McInerneys tell very best came out of the situation than bad.

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