Out-of-control Uber crashes into gas station, erupts into flames in jaw-dropping surveillance footage


A passenger-carrying Uber lost control Monday evening, careening off-road and into a nearby gas station. The unusual collision resulted in serious injuries for thedriver of a second vehicle, butthe Uber driver was unharmed.

KOMO News Seattlereports that the accident began around 8p m PT Monday evening, when the Uber driver( in a 2007 Nissan X-Terra) was hastening through Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood. Witnesses find the motorist clip a Honda Accord, which then spun into a tree and split in half. The SUV driver tried to brake and lost controlpossibly after get a flat tire.The SUV then flew over a curbing toward a Shell station. While it missed the first two gas pumps, the vehicle struckthe third, transforming the pump into a ball of fire.

Thankfully, firefighters speedily put under the flames. The Uber driver was unharmed, the passenger had minor injuries, and the Honda Accord motorist suffered more serious injuries. The whole thing was caught on surveillance camera footage, though, which you can watch below.

Authorities areunclear whether the Uber driver was impaired at the time of the accident, but they took a blood sample for testing. In the meantime, an Uber spokesperson said the driver’s been removed from the app. The company tells it will work with the Seattle Police Department during its investigation intothe accident.

Over the years, Uber drivers have committed a number of scandalous incidents, from sexually harassing female passengers to being arrested during a journey. Uber drivers do undergo a background check before being allowed to drive, but it’s been criticized for not actuallyfingerprinting potential drivers during these checks.

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