Oscar-nominated movies reimagined with ‘Pokmon,’ ‘Star Wars’ and superheroes


A group of artists celebrated some of the most difficult Oscar-nominated movies by reimagining them in different film, Tv, video game and comic book universes.

Imgur user Diablien uploaded a collection of 10 alternative posters for Oscar-nominated movies featuring characters from other worlds and new titles to fit them. The gallery also includes links to purchase the poster publications along with attribution to the different artists.

The mash-up of Pokmon with Zootopia may be one of the greatest initiations imaginable and putting Deadpool and Wolverine into Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling’s roles in La La Land is definitely the funniest notion to come out of this collection.

Check out all the posters below alongside their originals 😛 TAGEND

Alternate Universe Posters of 2017 Oscar-nominated films

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