Opera vs Chrome: 10 Reasons to Switch Your Web Browser


In the world of web browsers, there is no greater underdog than Opera. Initially released in 1995, Opera has been going strong for over 22 times, introducing features we all take for grantedearlier than most, and it hasn’t stopped innovating since.

Despite being on the vanguard of browser technology for most of its existence, Opera is still treated as something of a curiosity by internet users. According to W3Schools, Opera made up just 1.1 percent of internet use in April of 2017.

While Chrome still reigns supreme on the chartsit was at75. 7 percent of all browser usage this AprilOpera retains steadily improving. If youve never made Opera a chance, you wont know what youre missing out on. Maybe its time you tried out Opera. Here are 10 reasons you are able to switch to Operaif merely for a week.


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