Love Costco? Don’t buy these 5 items here


Costco is one of those stores that is actually seems to have everything. Crave a flat screen television? Right this style! How about a whole beef tenderloin? Just around that corner, sir! Necessity a new pair of glasses? No? Well, theyre there if you change your intellect. How about a cheap, massive slice of pizza? But while it may seem like theres no better store to get great value for your money, there are some items that youd be better off buying elsewhere.

When it comes to big box stores like Costco, certain items are no-brainers in the value department. Just about everything bought in majority will save you money in the long run if you dont let any of it go to waste, which is why non-perishables, like sugar, and foods that can be frozen( like chicken breasts and steaks, including Wagyu beef, apparently) are always good buys. Just dont forget that some items, like condiments and spices, have shorter shelf lives than you may think. Plus, costs on kitchen gadgets, housewares, over-the-counter medications, and automotive equipment are all very competitive.

However, there are plenty of items sold at Costco that youd be better off buying somewhere else, for a variety of reasons. Some are simply more expensive at Costco than at other stores, others are of poorer quality than the competition’s brands, and still others are so perishable that the odds of your not having to throw some away are slim.

Costco is one of those places where we just believe that were getting a bargain, so while shopping there we tend to go a little bit more overboard than we would otherwise. Theres actually a epithet for being seduced into constructing impulse buys by the prospect of getting a deal, and either regretting the acquisition or forcing them to throw it out when it expires: The Costco Effect. Its all a part of Costcos strategy, and it aims up costing you more money than you originally set out to spend. So keep in mind that it pays to be a bit more judicious the next time you head over to Costco.

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