Guys Reveal 19 Things You Can Say To Make Them Finish Quicker, And Trust Us, Youll Want These


Its fair to say that menusually arent to finish quicker during sex, but the person or persons on the receiving purpose of their penis may have a different opinion.

Thats not to say youre not enjoying yourself. Just sometimes, things can feel like theyre carrying on longer than a installment. You can start to feel sore. You can start to feel borne. You can start to think about so many things better than sex like a Cheesy Gordita Crunch from Taco Bell, for instance.

Hey, it happens.

So, in the case of looking for styles to get your guy to come post-haste, seem no further.

A handful of gentlemen took to Reddit responding to a womans questionsabout words and phrases that could be usedin bed to get your guy to finish faster.

While some are pretty honest admissions, others( like one that referencesa goddamn legendary ocean ogre) are more on the outrageous side.

Youve been warned.

Some quality grunts and groans typically get the job done.

My SO simply groans in my ear while she’s on top cum almost instantaneously

/ u/ PapaFern

This guy likes it when you push his buttons.

“Like and subscribe”

/ u/ BigBaconDonutBoy

Men are never big devotees of following the rules.

Don’t cum

/ u/ zomirp9 6

Don’t stop

/ u/ updn

Quoting is a surefire lane to make any guy blow his load.

Ravioli ravioli give me the formuoli

/ u/ BeastieBro

These two dudes are all about having a operations zone for when they finish.

“I crave you to come in me” that’ll work

/ u/ SidtheRedditKid

“come inside” or something along those lines.

This of course depends on your relationship with the guy and if you’re utilizing a condom or not but nothing is hotter than essentially being told to knock you up. Caters to that primal instinct to spawn I guess.

/ u/ CosmicRave

Were on a deadline here, people.

Your hour is almost up.

/ u/ Mike_of_the_weedz

Theres nothing like some political talk to make a human come instantly.

Whisper in my ear: “There is no such thing as ethical intake under capitalism”

/ u/ n0ggy

The best kind of nut is the one that has the potential to have you concealing naked under your partners bed.

My mothers just got home.

/ u/ nickachu_

Generalapproval fromtheirpartnersis all it takes for these guys to finish.

Sometimes no matter what you do, the guy simply can’t cum easily. Dont blame it on yourself thinking you’re missing something or doing it wrong.
That being said, personally any dirty talk that says that you want me to cum or that you wanna seem/ swallow it/ whatever runs quite well.

/ u/ Little_Umbrella

“oh my gosh i need you to come for me right now” tends to do the trick

/ u/ vancouverbabe

I like “cum for me”

/ u/ ProfM3m 3

The shear mention of a giant squid would definitely induce me come, operate, and conceal forever.


/ u/ Not_A_Unique_Name

Some gentlemen prefer it when you take control and command what you want.


/ u/ Tehshayne

Like I said earlier, sometimes, you simply cant aid but get hungry.

“I ordered pizza delivery 10 minutes ago.”

/ u/ memberzs

“When we’re done here, what do you want on your sandwhich? “

/ u/ IamNotARealDr

Nothing will turn a guy on faster than if he knows his partner is living their best life because of him( and his appendage ).

Blunt stuff, like “this is what I think about when I touch myself.” Knowing the girl is really into me and into what I’m doing is pretty sexy.

/ u/ bullets_blades

Sensing that she is enjoying herself is my biggest turn-on. If she used moaning with pleasure and it’s genuine and I know I’m satisfying her and I’m about to give her a massive orgasm, that puts me over the edge every time.

/ u/ lowbattery0 01

This may be the one time in bed that a guy is penalty with using teeth.

Can’t genuinely say anything, but hurl your claws in my back or bite me and I’m finished.

/ u/ cquigley6 66

Finding out youre the other man is typically a reason to get by and get out.

“I’m marriedand I reckon my husband simply pulled in.”

/ u/ elliotsilvestri

Sorry, but this transaction is non-refundable.

Cash or credit ?

/ u/ meusnomenestiesus

When in doubt, pay attention to the testicles.

Just tickle my balls.

/ u/ rocked_licker

Your wish is my command.

Do you even have to ask ?

/ u/ Sultan_of_Sass

Wait, so is whats beenlicking me all this time?

“Have I shown you pictures of my cat? “


Every once in a while, you just have to do what it takes toconsider your mission accomplished.

Sure, the committee is lane more than simply your average dirty talk, but when are quotes applicable when it comes to talk of your sex life?

Dont@ me.

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