Do These 10 Things, And Trump Will Be Toast


Friends, I welcome you to The Michael Moore Easy-to-Follow 10 -Point Plan to Stop Trump.

First, lets accept what we all know to be true: Trump is in deep, deep trouble in the pocket of Russians, surrounded by alt.right imbeciles, alone in his bathrobe in a mostly-empty White House and caught inside a disgusting shit-sandwich, so said his supporter who turned down the NSA job.

Only one month into his So-Called Presidency and yet there is good news, as this is what the American landscape looks like 😛 TAGEND

Tens of thousands of citizens across the country have stormed Congressional district agencies and town hall fulfills to express their rage at the Trump agenda( a dejected Republican congressman, after a 3-hour verbal assault from his angry constituents, said on TV last nighttime, lets face it – they[ the Obamacare supporters] have won .).

A federal tribunal halted Trumps first Muslim Ban actually, make that FOUR federal courts have ruled against him! Hes acknowledged defeat and will not appeal to the State supreme court( though he will try a new banning – and good luck with that, you son of a Scottish immigrant ).

Progressive Democrat Congressman Keith Ellison appears to be the front-runner for this Saturdays vote to head the Democratic Party and to FIX the whole damn mess! Likewise, a recruitment drive had already begun across the country to find the best local candidates to run for government and federal agencies in 2018. Millions are committed to never letting the Debacle of 16 happen again.

Our beautiful Army of Comedy – with its Platoon of Satirists led by Alec Baldwin and Melissa McCarthy – is killing it! The devastating impersonation of White House spokesman Sean Spicer by McCarthy has Trump fuming to the point where he has considered getting rid of Spicer. Politico says he simply cant watch one of his top aides being portrayed by…a woman!