A trip to space, the return of Han, and 8 other things we want to see in ‘Fast 9’


After the weekend Fate has had, Universal’s definitely revving their locomotives for a sequel .

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If one thing is clear about the fate of the Furious franchise, it’s that there are going to be sequels.

No, Fast 9 ( or whatever it aims up being called) doesn’t have a release date yet. But with The Fate of the Furious shaping up to be another runaway hit for Dom Toretto and his family, it’s all but guaranteed that they’ll be reuniting for another backyard barbecue in another couple of years.

Which means that right about now is when the powers that be will be making their plans for the films to go. So although we know that these fan wish lists are just a more labor-extensive route of hollering into the void, we’re still gonna set our hopes for the next cinema out there. Just in case, you are familiar with, the Secret is real or something.

Without further ado, then, here are 10 things we’d like to see in Fast 9 . Or any of the other upcoming sequels and spinoffs. We’re not picky.

Warning: Spoilers follow for The Fate of the Furious .

Resident geek Tej would probably be thrilled to go into outer space.

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1. The household going to outer space

As the Fast and Furious movies get crazier and crazier, it seems all but inevitable that the family will head into outer space. But when?

Writer Chris Morgan( who’s been a mainstay of the franchise since Tokyo Drift ) doesn’t seem to be in any hasten to get there, saying only, “The only way Id go to space is if I had something so good. But it does seem like a matter of when , not if . After all, how else are you going to top vehicles skydiving, vehicles exploding out of skyscrapers, and vehicles winging over submarines to outrace heat-seeking rockets?

Come back to us, Han.

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2. Han Seoul-oh’s triumphant return

Similarly, all we can do is assume that Han Seoul-oh( Sung Kang) will return in some sort or other after his tragic demise in Tokyo Drift / Furious 6 *, because, I intend … “hes to”, right? Surely Fast wouldn’t be so cruel as to leave one of its most lovable characters permanently deceased … right? Especially when there’s plenty of precedent for characters coming back from apparent demise in this series?

Morgan hasn’t ruled it out, so I’m just going to declare here and now that I don’t even care how it happens. Say Han faked his own demise. Say he has an identical twin brother with an identical personality. Say time travel exists now and Han has been un-killed. Or, hell, don’t say anything at all only bring him back without rationale. I promise not to squeak about how it’ll screw up the continuity.

And while we’re at it, let’s bring back Gisele, too. We know Gal Gadot’s very busy being Wonder Woman these days, but surely this gazillion-dollar franchise can cobble together enough change to tempt her back for an act sequence or two.

(* For those not well versed in Fast chronology, Tokyo Drift actually takes place after Fast and Furious and Fast Five , and the end credits of Fast and Furious 6 overlap with the events of Tokyo Drift .)

This still image right here is like 50% of Dame Helen Mirren’s screen time in this movie.

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3. Helen Mirren behind the wheel

The Fate of the Furious offers a fascinating glimpse into the Shaw family dynamics, with Helen Mirren demonstrating up Magdalene, the no-nonsense mother of Deckard( Jason Statham) and Owen( Luke Evans ). The only problem? She doesn’t get virtually enough to do.

Mirren’s only in a few scenes, and they’re largely of the “sitting and talking” kind. And she seems as disappointed about it as “were about”. “I wanted to be driving, but unfortunately, Im not, ” she said last year. “Maybe that will come in the future, in Fast and Furious 12 . “

Or, you are familiar with, in Fast 9 , if anyone’s listening to our silly demands.

Jason Statham, national gem.( Which nation? All of them .)

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4. A Deckard Shaw spinoff( and more Shaw family shenanigans)

Or … how about in a Deckard Shaw solo film?

Jason Statham is easily the best thing about Fate of the Furious , whether he’s hollering insults at the Rock while beating up a bunch of prison guards or cooing reassurances at a child while beating up a bunch of henchmen. But he’s still only part of an ensemble. Perhaps it’s period let him take center stage.

Fate defines up the outline of a backstory for Deckard Shaw, and features several supporting characters who could come with him, including his mommy and his child brother. Then there’s Johnson’s Hobbs, whose chemistry with Statham was so good that producers were apparently considering a spinoff before Vin Diesel’s ego got in the way.

Any way you slice it, it seems like high time Statham got more to do in this series.

I hope Brian Toretto rebels against his mothers by becoming, like, a law-abiding accountant.

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5. Brian Toretto’s unconventional upbringing

A plenty of The Fate of the Furious is organized around Dominic Toretto’s secret lovechild with Elena( Elsa Pataky ). He’s the whole reason Dom betrays his family, joins armies with a megalomaniacal cyberterrorist, and secretly teams up with the guy who slaughtered Han. And the kid is explicitly made into a tribute to the late Paul Walker, as he’s christened Brian in the very last scene. Aww .

It behooves this series, then, to actually recollect that this kid exists and not just write him in Fast 9 . Brian and Mia supposedly left this life of crime because they wanted to start a family, but what the fuck is happen if Dom actually tried to raise his kid within this weird patchwork household of musclebound Robin Hoods? We don’t know. We’d like to find out.

They’re both Universal properties, which is a start!

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6. Crossover craziness

Sure, you could ask why the Fast universe would want to cross over with another property but since this franchise’s entire guiding principle think this is “why not? ” we’re going to go that route instead. Why not bring the gang to Isla Nublar? Why not sic John Wick on this family? Why not reveal that Dom Toretto has a twin brother named Xander Cage, or have him encounter Richard B. Riddick out in space?

Mind you, we’re not guaranteeing that any of these ideas would make for an actually good movie. We’re just saying we’d wholly turn up to see the results.

Save Ramsay from this dumb heterosexual love triangle.

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7. An actual LGBTQ character

The Fast films have rightfully been praised for their casual diversity, but it’s time to up the ante even more. Let’s realise the franchise’s first showed gay character.

There are a few different routes the series could take here. They could take one of their many bromances and turn them into full-on intrigues.( I can’t be the only one shipping Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw .) They could write a new enjoy interest for an existing character. Or they could just devise a brand-new lead from scratch it wouldn’t be a Fast movie without the family welcoming person new into the fold.

Whatever road they pick, the Fast series will be clear of some of the hasten bumps that trip up other dealerships on this front. There’s no source material canon that these films have to adhere to. And since these aren’t actually marketed as kids’ movies to begin with, the usual( bullshit) statements about LGBTQ content being too “mature” for children shouldn’t have much sway here.

I would like to see the deleted scene where Luke Hobbs spends the first 20 minutes of his prison sentence carefully rending the sleeves off his uniform.

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8. Dom Toretto vs. Luke Hobbs

The best subplot of The Fate of the Furious was one that took place altogether offscreen. Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson’s supposed beef has been the object of fascination and speculation since the moment Johnson called out a certain “candy ass” on Facebook. Perhaps it’s genuine. Perhaps it’s fake. Either route, it’s definitely riveting and therefore, definitely good for publicity.

And the story’s still unfolding. The lack of shared screen period between Diesel and Johnson in Fate elevated some eyebrows, as did reports that Diesel was “enraged” about the possibility of a post-credit scene for Johnson and Statham. Let’s let that drama spill over onto the screen. If the rivalry spins out of control, even better Ryan Murphy can swoop in in a few years and make a season of Feud about it.

See? He looks like he belongs in a Fast and Furious movie already.

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9. More bald badasses

Is there a finer collect of beefy bald badasses anywhere on Land than in a Fast and Furious movie? We’ve got Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Tyrese Gibson, and Djimon Hounsou … but why be brought to an end? Let’s get Mark Strong in here. Let’s rescue Common from the Suicide Squad movies and invite him along. Let’s see if Samuel L. Jackson will show up to do his very best Nick Fury impression.

Un-break my heart, Han.

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10. Han Seoul-oh’s triumphant return

Yes, we know we already said this one. It’s in here twice because it’s that important .

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