5 Things We Learned From I Am Heath Ledger!


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Mostly it constructed us wish we hadn’t lost the talented superstar so young…

Here are the highlights of what he found so intriguing( below ):

1. He changed his stars.

As a kid growing up in Perth, Australia, he dreamed of becoming a movie star.

He stuck plastic suns to his bedroom ceiling, and often pointed up to them as he told his family 😛 TAGEND

“That’s where I’m going to be. I’m going to be in the film industry and I’m going to be a cinema actor.”

Heath left Perth at 17 and really did induce his own fate.

2. He refused to let Hollywood typecast him as a rom-com lead.

After he was so ridiculously charming in 10 Things I Hate About You, Hollywood started beating down his entrance to get him in similar vehicles.

But Heath wasn’t trying to be a matinee idol — he wanted to be the total package movie star. So he spurned a TON of offers 😛 TAGEND

“People in Hollywood, they don’t listening to no. So I had a lot of fun saying no.”

That is, until something magical came along…

3. He got to work with his idol.

Mel Gibson is plainly a controversial figure these days after some horrible drunken outbursts, but for an aspiring Australian actor he was a true inspiration.

So when Heath got to work with him in 2000’s The Patriot, it was a dreaming come true.

That dream almost became a nightmare as Heath — from the audition process onward — suffered from a severe crisis of confidence.

He afterward said it was Mel who helped guide him past his uncertainties, becoming a true mentor for the rising star.

4. He turned down Spider-Man!

After A Knight’s Tale, Heath was rocketed into stardom — and he didn’t react to it like he thought.

Costar Naomi Watts tells Australians call it “tall poppy disorder, ” the idea that if someone is too successful, they seem the required to cut down to size with the rest of the flowers.

In that style, Heath retreated from the spotlight into smaller, more unrecognizable roles. That signified saying NO one more time, even to Sam Raimi who offered him the lead in Spider-Man. Heath said of the superhero role 😛 TAGEND

“That makes no appreciation for me, I can’t maybe be Peter Parker.”

Instead his character work eventually produced him to a very different superhero film…

5. He Adoration being The Joker.

People had the delusion Heath was depicting on a deep torturing to play his final role as the chaotic Joker in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight.

But according to those close to him, he was thrilled with the character he had created and never had as much confidence on a film.

He likewise hung out on determined even when he wasn’t working in order to learn from Nolan, as he was scheming on constructing his directorial debut.

Overall he was in a very good place when he died. His agent, Steve Alexander, said 😛 TAGEND

“It’s still hard when people talk about it, or have preconceived ideas surrounding that period of time but that’s what people do; they come up with their version of it that makes it convenient and straighten and likewise tells a good story. The truth is, he was super happy and was loving life, and he struggled with some demons but he wasn’t wanting to go anywhere but forward.”

That may actually induce his passing hurt as bad somehow…

What did “Youre thinking about” I Am Heath Ledger ??

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