12 classic teen movies on Netflix that will keep you forever young


As emo band Bowling For Soup once noted, high school never objective. Luckily, neither does the extensive listing of teen movies on Netflix. Over the years, Hollywood has validated the high school struggle with cheesy cult classics and award-winning films spanning decades of teendom.

Whether you were the prom queen, super nerd, or stoner kidor if you’re still in high school trying to figure out who you arethese teen movies are available to stream today.

The best teen movies on Netflix

1) 10 Things I Dislike About You

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One of the greater high school-themed cult classics, 10 Things I Detest About You is for any teen( or adult) who has amajor crush on that mysterious boyin English class. Julia Stiles playsa feminist stranger who doesn’t believe in lovebut agrees to go out with the school’s bad boy( Heath Ledger ). Nonetheless, when the two catch feelingsand Stiles discoverstheirrelationship was based on a bet, their courtship takes a turning for the worst. Though the film’s name likely gives away just how she reacts, 10 Things is still required viewing.

2) High School Musical

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If you’re a true Disney kid, the epithets Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez definitely ring a bell. Troy( Zach Efron) and Gabriella( Vanessa Hudgens) connectover Christmas break at a karaoke rivalry. The twopart ways imagining they’ll never determine each other again. But once school is back in session, Montez appears in Bolton’s homeroom. Bolton has to choose betweenhisrole as the school’s popular athleteor singingwithMontez in the drama fraternity. Thefilm is the first of the High School Musical trilogy and is the most successfulDisney Channel original movie ever produced.

3) Dope

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Dope is a teen film influenced by’ 90 s hip-hop culture. It touches on topics like race, find your identity, and remaining true-life to yourself. Released in 2015, the filmfollows Malcolm Adekanbi( Shameik Moore) and his best friends who are is considered as “geeks” around the school due to their academic success. That is, until Malcolm and his crew inadvertently to participate in gang activity at aparty. The film features executive producersPharrell Williams and Sean Combs, as well asstarsA$ AP Rocky and Zo Kravitz.

4) Mean Girls

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This quick-witted movie is easily one of the most quotable moviesof our time.Ifyou haven’t seen it multiple times or at least hear a reference, you’re already behind. The Mean Girls cast( Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Tina Fey) flawlessly captures just how barbarian high school cliques can be. Lohan plays Cady, thenave new daughter at a high school run by queen bee Regina George( McAdams ). When Cady is sucked into her barbarian clique, teen dramarips the whole school apart. Mean Girls will leave you with a handful of catchphrases and a lot of empathy for high school girls.


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