10 Times Buffy The Vampire Slayer Inspired The Coldhearted B*tches We Are Today


Before Edward Cullen assaulted our eyes with his pasty AF skin, there was Buffy the vampire slayer. Real talk though: Edward better counting his fucking blessings that Buffy had better things to do with her period, like stop the apocalypse every five fucking minutes, otherwise you know she would have staked his hipster ass the first chance she got. Can you imagine a world without Edward whining to Bella about all the ways in which he didn’t wishes to fucking love her? What a world this is gonna be. Sighs. ANYWAYS, apparently its been 20 years since first aired and I abruptly feel the need to start booze during lunch because Jesus Christ were ancient.

If youll remember, this was the show that gave us the best one-liners to fire back at our moms with when they were being like, sooo embarrassing. It likewise was the root of our desire to wear red leather and platform sneakers. But most importantly, it gave us the only question to ask if you really wanted to know someone: Are you Team Angel or Team Spike? But because I dont wishes to induce someone cry get into this with people on social media, I wont start this debate now.* Cough* Team Angel* Cough*

From her fashion options to the behavior she got every hot AF immortal badass to profess their undying adoration for her, it’s clear that Buffy was a betch. So in honour of the series 20 th anniversary, here are 10 reasons why Buffy was a true-life choose betch.

1. She knew from a very early age that she was low-key better than everyone else around her and she wasnt “afraid youre going to” bragging talking here it .

Me when a guy on Tinder asks why I’m being such a bitch by not giving him my number.

2. And like every true betch she let her RBF do all the talking for her :


3. While other girls are getting ghosted by Bumble bros she had not one, but TWO guys willing to risk their literal beings for her adoration .

I’ll slow clap to that. Like, either of these guys could adoration me, leave me, and fuck me up emotionally and I would say “thanks for your time.”

Also #TeamAngel

4. And on that note, she had the original platinum vagine .

Sorry Corinne, but did your vagina ever make someone to lose their soul/ try and end the world and/ or gain a soul/ stop the end of the world? No? Then maybe you should think about re-branding those T-shirts …

5. She perfected the I DGAF attitude. Like, even though the apocalypse is arriving she cannot even be bothered .

Me when everyone starts freaking out about an impending snowstorm.

6. She’s likewise, like, V uplifting .

Seriously, she should got into motivational speeches.

7. When her friends stepped out of line( which was always) and tried to pull something stupid shit like save “the worlds” or wear mom jeans with clear plastic insertsshed be there to throw them in their fucking place .

Words I whisper to myself every morning.

8. And she was ALWAYS having to save her friends from getting blackout and taking home strangers vampire attempts .


9. She was full of judgement insight into the human soul .

That practically calls Do not trust her. Shes a fugly slut.

10. She died like, five times on the indicate and that still didnt stop her from being the most wonderful cast member. And knowing it .

Tbh my only grievance is that she didnt realize the real endowment that was Anya.

Her appreciation for revenge and sarcasm gives me the will to live. How are you able not adoration this girl ??


In conclusion, Buffy was one of the betchiest daughters of the ‘9 0s hands down. Now, if you need me, I’ll simply be boozing like it’s 1997 again.

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