10 Things You Didnt Know About Rachel Lindsay


Rachel Lindsay, Im rooting for you! We are all rooting for you!

Monday night triggers the latest season premiere of , welcoming Rachel back to the small screen. This time, she holds the develops and boy-oh-boy, are these gentlemen ready to win her heart.

So, whatdo we know about her? We know she is gorgeous, smart, and ready for love and we know Nick Viall made some serious options during his time as .

Here are 10 other facts about Rachel Lindsay before her big premiere on ABC.

ABC Television

1. First and foremost, she desires fellow alum, Corinne.

During a visit with Jimmy Kimmel in which Chris Harrison announced Lindsay as the new Bachelorette, Rachel told Jimmy, I like Corinne, Im a Corinne fan. Im Team Corn.

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