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10 Things you didn’t know about ‘Growing Pains’


Growing Pains went on the air in 1985 and rapidly became a hit with spectators. The prove, which ran for seven seasons, developed even more popular in syndication. Yes, its the been demonstrated that launched the career of Leonardo DiCaprio. Many devotees also know that Kirk Cameron became a born-again Christian while filming the series. Tracey Golds battle with anorexia while on the prove was highly publicized.

But there are plenty of thing you may not know about the been demonstrated that has you humming As Long as Weve Got Each Other.

Here are some facts and secrets from the decide of Growing Aches:

1. Kirk Cameron and Tracey Gold worked together before


Kirk Cameron, who played Mike Seaver, revealed in his 2008 autobiography that he filmed a 1980 s McDonalds commercial with his Tv sister played by Tracey Gold in which they likewise played a brother and sister pair. The commercial shoot has just taken place about three years before Growing Pains reached the air.

2. Casting Jason Seaver was no easy feat


Finding an actor to play the family patriarch, Dr. Jason Seaver, was a hassle. Michael Sullivan ultimately landed on Alan Thicke for the role.

Sullivan recalled to People publication, We looked at 150 actors before we arrived across Alan. He brought a certain charm and charisma; we thought he was a godsend.

3. Tobey Maguire liked to hang on defined


Tobey Maguire spend a lot of hour on set once his pal Leonardo DiCaprio joined the prove, Joanna Kerns told Entertainment Weekly in 2011.

DiCaprio played Luke on the show.

They were always on decide, they always looked like they were in hassle or is currently in hassle and were talking about it, she said.

4. Robin Thicke played an additional on the prove


Alan Thicke revealed in a 2015 interview with ABC that his kids had roles on the show.

“If you watch real closely in some episodes, you’ll realize my son Robin, at about the age of 11 and 12, participating as an additional in a classroom scene or at “states parties ” that Mike Seaver was throwing. My son Brennan was also in some episodes.

5. Jeremy Miller was a breakout star…in China


Jeremy Miller told Larry King in 2006 that the prove induced him a superstar, more so in China than anywhere else.

Growing Pains has a large popularity out there and weird enough I have a very — a large, large-scale following out there, bigger than I ever could have expected anywhere else. They utterly adored the prove. We were one of only two shows that was on during the course of its ‘8 0s in China. It was the only two American shows that were allowed.

6. Kirk Cameron made a frenzy with devotees


Producer Michael Sullivan revealed to People magazine teenage girls couldnt get enough of Kirk. Whenever Cameron appeared in front of the studio audience, the reaction was wild.

Whenever he appeared on the decide, it was like BeatlemaniaThere were girls hopping around in the bleachers.

7. The cast had a gross pre-show ritual


Thicke revealed to ABC that the cast had a growing chewing gum pile that they would add to with their utilized gum ahead of filming. “As you make your way onto the scene, you would stay your gum on this ever-growing wad. It terminated up weighing about 11 pounds.”

8. Gold became an ‘insurance risk’


Its no secret that Gold, who played Carol, had a very public battle with anorexia and eventually had to leave Growing Aches be addressed with her health. She was, nonetheless, allowed to return for the depicts finale, but it was not without drama.

“The last season of ‘Growing Pains’ is like a blur to me–I can’t even recollect the episodes, ” she told the Los Angeles Times in a 2000 interview. “They told, ‘We’ve been canceled. You can come back for the last episode, ‘ but I was still very, very sick and an insurance risk.”

9. The cast hung out outside of operate early on


Thicke told the Los Angeles Times in 2000 that the cast used to be close even when the cameras werent rolling. Though many of them remained close through the years, the cast hangouts slowed when Kirk Cameron ran his own way, Thicke said.

“In the early days of ‘Growing Pains, ‘ we communed all the time Nobody “wouldve been” have a party without the whole gang being there. And that did change. Kirk went through a slow withdrawal–a fade-out to black.”

The cast told Cameron did not invite his Growing Aches coworkers to his bridal, which took place during a filming hiatus, and some did not invite him to theirs in turn.

10. Love connection on decide

Associated Press

Jeremy Miller dated Candace Cameron Kirk Camerons younger sister after fulfilling her on the decide. He dished to Oprahs Where Are They Now? about the romance that took place when he was 11.

Candace and I were going together. You know, we didnt go anywhere. We were kids … Theres no going anywhere, you merely were together, whatever the heck that intend, Miller recollected. We ensure one another on the decide. Shed come with the family and material to visit us while we were working. Wed realize one another at parties for Growing Pains and material like that. When she started doing Full House, we started going over there and visiting.

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