10 Things People Dont Realize Youre Doing Because Youre Repressing The Hell Out Of Your Feelings

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Ah, emotional repression. The tactic we’re all taught growing up, but loathe to admit we’re engaging in.

In a world that teaches us to be strong and unwavering at all costs, it is feasible to embarrassing to admit that we’re actually~ seeming~ something. So we do the next-best thing- and push that seeming down into the depths of our psyche!

But of course, all repressed seems resurface eventually. Here are 10 counter-intuitive lanes in which we deal with our unexpressed emotions.

1. Taking care of everyone else.

Lets be serious its a lot easier to deal with someone elses feelings than it is to deal with your own. So you spend a lot of day sorting out your loved ones emotional crises. It constructs you feel like youve got this whole seems thing down pat when in reality youre merely avoiding tackling your own.

2. Disappearing from “peoples lives” for long periods of time.

Every once in a while, someone rudely evokes feelings in you that you dont feel capable of handling. So you merely, yknow,, for a couple of months until you can be reasonably certain that the emotion in question has been buried deeply enough to not resurface for a while.

3. Constantly. Biding. Busy.

If youre constantly sprinting from one commitment to another, your feelings cant possibly catch up! Becoming a low-key workaholic is an excellent alternative to actually seeming your seems. And a profitable one at that!

4. Continuously claiming that youre fine.

You like are fine? You belief. You fine. If the route fine feels is various kinds of bleak and dead inside, with an undercurrent of inexplicable anxiety.

5. Developing irrational anxieties.

When you dont accept your seems, they still come out they just come out in irrational lanes. You know that person who thinks they have a brand-new type of cancer every second week? Likely not the most emotionally in-touch of your friends.

6. Putting a positive spin on everything.

Your worst anxiety is visualizing a pal tilt their brain to the side sympathetically and ask you how youre dealing with a recent negative event. So you beat them to the punch, by immediately telling them all the awesome realizations youve had as a result of mentioned negative experience. If you are able to set a positive spin on a negative situation, “youve never” have to confront how youre sensation!

7. Craving to scheme everything ahead of time.

You like to be in control of perfectly everything that happens to you, because youre simply comfy in situations where you can predict how youre going to feel. Doing something genuinely spontaneous and leaving the door open for amaze seems to hop through? NO THANK YOU.

8. Dating people who are wrong for you.

If you never date someone whos right for you, “youve never” have to peril becoming emotionally intimate with them. And if you are able avoid emotional friendship with others, you are able to avoid it within yourself. Doubled win!

9. Becoming EVERYTHING into a joke.

Youre not falling apart at the seams! You can prove it, by turning your pain into everybody else amusement.

10. Presenting a tough-as-nails exterior.

There is no such thing as an unemotional person. Even psychopaths experience emotion( merely not in the form of interpersonal empathy ). Which means that tough-as-hell exteriors are often key indicators that the person behind them is RIFE with repressed emotions.

Not you, though. Of course not you.

Youre fine. Youre entirely fine.

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