10 Things People Dont Expect You To Do Because Youre Too Nice

Clarisse Meyer

1. Say no. When youre too nice, people expect you to always be accommodating, to always go out of your way to please them, to always say yes when they need you even if they say no to you because they got used to you being the one whos always fitting your schedule around them.

2. Complain. They dont expect you to have a voice or complain about something. They dont think you have a limit and you know when youve had enough. They expect you to always nod and agree with everything they say.

3. Put yourself first. They will label you selfish, mean or say thats just so because you always put yourself last. You have a history of taking care of others before your own and you’re not allowed to ever change that!

4. Have a bad day. If youre not smiling from ear to ear, if you dont shower them with compliments and affection then something must be terribly wrong with you.

5. Cut people out of your life. Because they expect you to always forgive, forget and move on like you always do. They know you have a sensitive heart and youre easily swayed by what other people tell you. They dont think youre capable of setting boundaries because they think you probably dont even know what they are.

6. Call people out. Its like everyone can call people out except for you because youre just not capable of offending anyone or standing up for yourself. They dont expect you to get away with what they normally get away with because that’s just not your

7. Ask for a favor. Youre expected to be the one who is always helping out, the one who is always doing things for others but when its your turn to ask for a favor, it takes people by surprise and its like youre asking them for a million dollars.

8. Give the silent treatment. Its hard for people to accept the silent treatment from you because youre always known for being too nice even if someone hurt you. Youre always giving someone third and fourth chances so you cant possibly be human and decide not to talk to someone anymore.

9. Succeed. Unfortunately, people think that nice people are weak, unambitious and easily taken advantage of, so when you actually achieve something great, people are really confused because you dont act like someone who can get what they want since youre always going with the flow. They dont see any strength or depth behind your faade.

10. Treat people the way they treat you. Youre expected to always be the bigger person, the nicer person, the more forgiving person, the person who lets the small things go, the person who doesnt demand as much respect as others.

Its sad that people think that when youre too nice, youre also dumb to the point that youll be a doormat. Luckily, thats not the case because when you’re too nice, you also know when to

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