10 Things My Mom Gave Me That I’ll Always Be Grateful For


You cant help who your parents are.

Whether you care to acknowledge it or not, their blood operates through your veins( which is such a creepy mentioning, if you ask me ).

Were not ever keen to admit were like our parents, but I know for a fact I would not be the person I am today if I didnt #GetItFromMyMama.

Here are 10 things about myself Im thankful I got from my mom.

1. My stubbornness

I hate admitting it( read: Im usually too STUBBORN to acknowledge it ), but I am just as stubborn as my mother, and Im sure shed abhor to acknowledge it, too.

Being super rigid about the littlest things certainly does not induce my life easier. But it does insure Im ever appearing out for myself.

My default preference is to do what feels right in my intestine, but of course, my gut isnt ever right about everything.

Still, I like that Im a woman who knows precisely she wants, and Id never want to be any other way.

2. My boobs

Dont get me wrong, ALL BOOBS ARE BEAUTIFUL BOOBS. But, if Im being totally honest, my mom had, and still has, an impressive define of tatas on her, and she happened to pass those down to me.

Its not the best when it is necessary to shopping for a swimsuit that can actually cover everything up, but if anything, my big cleavage definitely comes in handy for catching crumbs whenever I eat a Nature Valley granola bar.

3. My organisation skills

My mom was a secretary for a huge glob of her job, and frankly, the woman was bear for the role.

Ive never fulfilled someone who can retain a more orderly calendar , nor have I encountered anyone who owns( and actually USES) quite as many manila folders.

While my type of organization is more like a mess that simply I know how to properly navigate, my life would probably be in shambles without my mommas expert guidance.

4. My resilience

My mom has* clap* been* clap* through* clap* some* clap* SHIT.

As a child, she came from a shatter and dysfunctional home, and yet shes still managed to create a life for herself.

Then, as an adult, she was hit with an aggressive sort of breast cancer. I watched her shave her brain and predominate through countless conferences of chemotherapy.

I havent duelled almost as much catastrophe in my own life, but my mom has shown me the importance of maintaining strength and willpower through even the most difficult times.

Because of her, Ive been able to tough it out through my own hardships, and Ill continue to channel her strength for years and years to come.

5. My taste in music

Mom, if it werent for you, I never would have gone through my very annoying, but very necessary emo stage, and I wouldnt have such an undying enjoy for The Offspring and Green Day.

Youve ever known whats up when it is necessary to music, and theres nothing I enjoy more than jamming in the car with you to American Idiot.

6. My listening skills

As a kid, I remember feeling vexed at my mom all the time, because she was always on the phone with one of her friends, basically listening to their entire life story, when all I craved was for her to induce me some damn mac and cheese.

Little did I know, Id grow up to be exactly like her.

In my friend group, Im often the shoulder to lean on and the hand to comprise. Ive never been a great talker, but I like to think Im good at listening to my friends, and I frankly enjoy being there for them.

7. My go-to tomato sauce recipe

Look, my mom is not able to have any Italian blood in her, but DAMN does that lady know how to make a mean homemade tomato sauce.

No, you cant have the recipe. #SorryNotSorry.

8. My timeliness

Thanks to my mom, I may as well be allergic to the idea of being late.

I respond to emails ASAP, I am the unofficial planner of my friend group and I ever make sure I know how long it will take me to get from level A to point B.

And if its a place Ive never been to before, you can pretty much assure Ill arrive at least 15 minutes early.

9. My enjoy for the beach

Of course, when you grow up near the Jersey shore, this is essentially a committed. But for real, every single summer of my childhood was spent in the sand.

Unfortunately, I did not inherit my mommas ability to tan to a golden bronze coloring. Im about as pasty as Elmers Glue, but hey, Ill take what I can get.

10. My sensitivity

No, its definitely not fun to tear up every time someone says something mean to you on the metro after youve already had a very long day.

But, I enjoy feeling everything as deeply as I do, especially as I grow older and recognize so many people simply arent even in tune at all with their own emotions.

My mom has always been good at communicating her sensations, even if it means admitting life isnt all sunshine and rainbows.

My sensitivity helps shape my voice as a writer, and it informs all the relationships in my life.

Thank you, Mom, for literally everything. I wouldnt be the woman I am today without you.

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