You’ve Been Blowdrying Your Hair Wrong For Years — Here Are 10 Tips To Help You Out


If I didn’t have a hairdryer, I have no idea how I’d keep my thick hair in line.

I love how it helps me straighten out my locks so easily while saving me the embarrassment of walking around with an ugly, frizzy hairstyle. The only problem with this is that I had no idea I was completely damaging my hair in the process.

Don’t worry, though! You can avoid my mistakes by becoming a blowdrying pro with some help from these simple tips and tricks.

1. Your hair is way too wet.


Your hair is actually supposed to be nearly dry before you start using a hairdryer, because styling it while it’s too wet can damage your hair and take way longer to do. Try removing as much excess water as you can with a towel first.

2. You aren’t using the right kind of brush.


If you have a metal brush, it can heat up really fast and damage your hair. Use a boar, nylon, or ceramic brush instead and make sure that the barrel is round.

3. You aren’t using any products to protect your hair.


Drying your hair blasts it with heat and damages it without any protective products. This will cause your hair to get frizzy, which completely defeats the purpose of using a hairdryer.

4. You aren’t using your dryer’s nozzle.


This attachment makes styling much easier and also helps you smooth out your hair.

5. You aren’t using the right products for your hair type.


If your product doesn’t match your hair, you could miss out on awesome volume, shine, or frizz resistance. You also might end up weighing your hair down. Be sure to read the labels carefully before buying!

6. You aren’t drying your hair in sections.


You should be working on small sections one at a time so you can easily control the style you’re going for. Start from the bottom by clipping up the top portion and working in two-inch sections, adjusting the clip as you go.

7. You’re blowing your hair in the wrong direction.


At the roots, you should be blowing your hair in the opposite direction that it naturally falls. For the ends, point the dryer at them in a downward direction to get maximum smoothness.

8. The setting you’re using is likely too hot.


If you don’t have really thick hair, you should always use the low temperature setting to avoid any unnecessary damage.

9. Your hairdryer is just too old.


Dryers are only meant to last for so long before they stop working properly. If you’ve used yours more than a few hundred times, it’s probably a good idea to replace it before it overheats and gives you tons of split ends.

10. You aren’t completely drying your hair or finishing with the cool setting.


You need to make sure that all of your hair is dry before putting the dryer away, because wet strands can lead to a lot of frizz later in the day. It can be hard to tell whether your hair is wet or not when it feels hot to the touch, so use the cool setting to finish off your style and dry every last hair.

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Now you’ll have the nicest, most gorgeous hair out of all your friends and family. You can thank us later.

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