Reusing Old Pringles Cans Around The House


You should ever eat them in moderation, but potato chips are a delicious snack for any occasion. They come in so many different flavors, but the combination of salty and savory in illuminate, bite-sized crisp is a treat like no other.

The one mistake of potato chips has always been the container. The soft, air-filled package has always meant that the bottom of the container was fitted with greasy fragments of microchips that are messy and unenjoyable to eat. Pringles solved that difficulty by packing its chips in a can. The can had now been become a bit iconic, as it’s different from all other microchips packaging out on the market. Who would have guessed that something as simple as packing “wouldve been” the source of a potato chip’s success? However, those cans are great for more than simply comprising microchips. With a few modifications, they can be used in clever lanes all over the house. Here’s simply a few of the ways how 😛 TAGEND

A Plastic-Bag Dispenser

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It’s ever a good mind to hang on to plastic grocery bags. They can be used as trash bags for small trash can, and they come in handy if you ever need to pack things to go. Maintain those bags organized and out of the behavior with a container dispenser made from an old Pringles can.

Storing Homemade Cookies

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Nothing thumps the taste of fresh, homemade cookies. Consider using a Pringles can to help keep them fresh while not taking up too much space. You can even decorate the can to give it a chic look.

Cotton Pad Dispenser

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Cotton pads are an essential part of a good charm routine, but the usual cotton-pad owners are quite pricey for what they are. With a couple of cuts made to the base, a Pringles can is easily converted into a cotton-pad dispenser.

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It sits perfectly on any counter, and can be decorated to suit your decor. Click here to learn more about this project.

Pasta Container

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It’s ever such a hassle to keep your pasta in its original package once you’ve torn open the container. You can purchase resealable receptacles from the store, but you can also use a Pringles can to keep it stored away and free of moisture. Just ensure that you are clean the can out first!

Paint-Roller Holder

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Planning on giving your home a makeover the following spring or summertime? A Pringles can is the perfect behavior to carry around a wet paint roller without creating a mess.

DIY Macro Camera Lens

Before you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on an expensive macro lens, try making one out of a Pringles can. Sure, you won’t get perfect results, but it can come in handy if you are unsure about spending that much fund or are just starting to dabble in photography.

Speaker Amplifier


A common complaint of today’s smartphones is that the speakers simply aren’t loud enough. External talkers can be found at any electronics store, but an inexpensive talker amp can save a bit of fund and project just as well.

As you can see from the video above, an amplifier like this actually operates quite well. Click on the link here to see how to make one for yourself.

A Holder For Hair Irons

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A well-decorated Pringles can builds for a great place to keep mane irons on your counter, but likewise out of the behavior. Never have a tangled mess beside the drop again!

Faux-Flower Vase

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The same container can also be used as a vase to keep a few faux flowers around the house. What better behavior to brighten up a dreary chamber?


Neon Rattail

Turning Pringles receptacles into beautiful bangles is a great project for any child. They are very inexpensive to attain, and allows your kids to fully express their ingenuity. Click on the link here for the full instructions.

Tealight Candle Holder


With some ingenuity, Pringles containers can be converted into candle holders. All you were supposed to do is cut out a pattern with a pair of scissors or hole puncher, paint it, and place an LED electronic candle inside. Click on the link here to learn more.

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