Before you pack your bags, 10 tips and tricks for traveling solo as a woman of color.


Women of color can have different needs and challenges while traveling especially while traveling solo.

Bearing the twin burdens of misogyny and racism, women of coloring might need to do some additional research or take a few more things into consideration before selecting a destination or traveling in certain regions. Whether here in the states or around the globe, there are certain traditions and practices to be aware of to ensure a safe, fun, memorable adventure.

That’s where this video from On She Goes a new digital magazine written by and for women of colour striving travelling advice and inspiration comes in.

It’s a two-minute must-see for any would-be jet-setter, chock-full of tips-off for solo traveling as a woman of color.

As a frequent traveler, some of the tips resonated with me, including these:

Tip# 3: “Know the Code”

When you’re a guest in someone’s country, it’s important to follow their leading regarding cultural or religious customs and traditions, particularly when it comes to attire or gestures.

For example, “In countries around the Middle East, it’s largely appropriate to keep your mane embraced all the time, ” host Lindsey Murphy mentions. “While in Asian countries, shorts and short sleeves are inappropriate.”

When in doubt, must be respected.

Tip# 5: “Take a Tour”

Taking a guided bus or walking tour on your first day in a new spot will give you some great background and history, plus it might help you learn the lay of the land. “[ Guided tours] are so great for ascertaining easily missed historical landmarks, food and booze, and they just kind of give your journey a little bit more direction, ” Murphy advises.

And don’t worry, they won’t sully your solo traveler street cred.

My favourite is Tip #10: “Love your changes! ”

Traveling as a woman of colour might come with some unwanted attention, but don’t let that stop you from stepping out and exploring.

“Wherever you go, you’re likely going to be a bit different, ” Murphy notes. “But you’re magical and people will enjoy that.”

This video merely includes 10 tips-off, but theres a lot of other resources and advice out there.

If you’re a woman of color interested in traveling solo, bookmark websites like On She Goes, Brown Girls Fly , Outdoor Afro, and Travel Noire for great insight into new destinations and experiences to add to your travelling bucket list.

Do your research, remain safe, and bon voyage!

A traveler poses for a selfie with a statue at the Mahatma Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad. Photo by Sam Panthaky/ AFP/ Getty Images.

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