7 Things That Surprised Me On Vacation At A Naked Resort


Going topless is one thing; running full-on commando is quite another.

As a woman who considers herself pretty wild and free, I jump-start at the possibility of being hurl caution to the Jamaican wind, and set sail for four periods of uninhibited, purely pleasurable fun.

It was not justa gift of sexual freedom and self-expression.

Here are seven things I learned during an adults-only, clothing-optional vacation … AKA at a naked resort.

1. I met people of all types, backgrounds, and lifestyles.

The whole idea behind theresort I went to was itwelcomes all kinds of guests, but especially caters to those who live the “lifestyle”( aka swingers ).

People are offered a space to be whom they really are. So it was a secluded sanctuary of sorts.

I met people of all types: groups of pairs who had been married many years who look forward to this journey year after year with like-minded friends, single folks looking to explore a little( or a lot ), and pairs looking to rekindle the romance between just the two of them.

2. I understood more waxed snatches and D’s than I imagined I would.

The ’7 0s are out, and totally bald pussies and penis are in.

I’ll admit I hadn’t expected to see any real shrubs( we are says something about a clothing-optional resort, after all ), but I did expect to see at the least some hair down there. Fairly much everyone at the resort was basicallypubic hair-free, even the woman who was over 50 and had a penetrated vag.

3. Swimming butt-ass naked in the warm Jamaican water is good for the soul.

I hop-skip into the sea: flippers, snorkel, and all( and by “all, ” I signify hair tie-in and earrings ).

The warm seas shimmied around every fissure of my torso. It was an experience that not only freed me literally, but also freed my being and reminded me of my power as a woman, and of nature’s power, too.

These visits moved well beyond your typical late night, skinny-dipping romps and forged bonding on a deeper level.

4. I could do just as much, or as little, as I wanted.

It’s no amaze that guests at a clothing-optional resort are inundated with propositions and opportunities to wing their freak flags.

I went on anaked snorkel sesh, and then I ventured to the Nude Beach. With just a little bit of liquid courage, I was reveling in it all.

It’s like drinking booze or smoking weed: as soon as it becomes legal, it feels likeless of a big deal, and there’s no stigma attached to it.

Well, the same could be said for coexisting with a bunch of nudists. Strolling around naked eventually didn’t seem like such a big deal, because everyone else was doing the same.

5. Open doors signify everyone is welcome.

I rapidly learned of the resort’s regulations, both written and unspoken.

One of these “rules” says that, if a inn room’s doorway is left open, that signifies another person or couple is welcome to go inside. What happens after that, I’m not so sure.

6. I understood things I wasn’t expecting.

It took all of about 30 minutes at the resort for me to realizethat anything goes, anytime of the day.

When I first stepped onto the property, I wasn’t too keen on get right to the beach, as my fatigue from a long morning of traveling were just about to get the best of me.

So, to feeling a little less tired, I wentto the gym. The gym, by the way, has a mandatory clothing policy, thank God.

Upon strolling out of the gym, my eyes were met with a couple running at it on a daybed. They were trying to be discreet about it, but still … it was happening.

Maybe I was just caught off-guard since we were in such different frames of intellect at that moment: I was amply clothed, sweaty, and wearing running shoes; the latter are displaying body parts where the sun doesn’t( typically) shine.

7. I felt more sexually accused throughout the day than I do in RL.

From Nude Beach to random daytime activities( having my tits decorating with cake toppings, anyone ?), andmultiple porn channelsin my bedroom, there was no dearth of stimulus for my sexual fantasies.

Complete with mirrors on the guest room ceilings, a playroom with purple velvet walls, sex swingings, a stalling rain, and a sign that read, “No tits , no ass , no service” at the pool saloon, this place had it all.

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